Characteristics of poultry farming automation equipment

With the increase of productivity, the wages of the farmers are increasing, and the traditional breeding industry is unable to meet the demand of the normal breeding industry. Poultry industry is gradually from the traditional to the fully automatic equipment, greatly reduce the electricity consumption farms more save on labor costs and time cost, many automatic poultry equipment on the market at present, has got the chicken farmers. In addition, the use of fully automatic poultry farm equipment can not only realize the high automation control of the whole production process, but also improve the production efficiency and effectively save the manpower and material resources.battery layer chicken cage
When selecting poultry feeding equipment, it is necessary to combine the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feeding equipment of chain feeding equipment is uniform and the dust production is less, but the failure rate and accessory cost are relatively high, and these indicators should be weighed. Automatic feeding equipment is realized by automatic feeding equipment. Automatic feeding device is adopted in the whole system.
Automation farming equipment realizes the automatic management,set by center control computer system, solved before farming field ventilation from the details and clear it has plagued the problem of farmers, to ensure the healthy growth of poultry and egg safety, high quality, realize the inner temperature, humidity, ventilation, day-lighting is distributed evenly, automatic management.
Automated poultry farming equipment realizes automatic data transmission, all production data can be transmitted in real time on the control cabinet.
Now we can know that automatic poultry equipment is useful for the poultry industry, the equipment is the key to build a chicken farm to pay a fully automated, can effectively save manpower resources, create more wealth.
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