Automatic battery cage system for layers project in Ghana

Our Ghanaian client has been involved in the layer farming industry since 2013. The number of laying hens has grown from 300 to 80,000. The automatic poultry farming equipment that we are using battery cage systems in Ghana, the automatic drinking water system, the automatic feeding system, the conveyor belt manure remover, the automatic light control, and so on, are all state-of-the-art, using the best quality materials.

With 6 hens breeding and laying hens and 3 chicken houses raising chicks, the company can earn an average of more than 80,000 USD per year. Customers who use battery cage systems say there are now automatic chicken facilities. Reduced a lot of manpower, greatly improved the efficiency of breeding. But now because a lot of breeding retail technology, equipment is backward, the survival rate and egg production rate is inevitably low. Ghana, on the other hand, has high standards of chicken farm and quarantine. So many Ghanaian farmers have focused on building and managing his chicken farm.

battery layer chicken cage

The ghanaian client raised chickens, which not only made me rich, but also helped his friends make money together. It really makes me happy.

The customer said: into the breeding industry for so many years, finally feel automated chicken equipment for his chicken farm to improve a lot of efficiency!

The client’s next step is to raise the population to 150,000 by 2023. In addition, prepare to buy battery cage system and chicken manure treatment equipment. Establish a processing plant to handle 30,000 tons of chicken manure annually. Make poultry farming bigger and stronger.

The Ghanaian customer has been using automated chicken raising equipment provided by LIVI Machinery for 9 years. The ghanaian customer told us that the poultry equipment is still running very well. Thank you very much for helping him expand his poultry program.

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