Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment For Sale in South Africa

Livi automatic chicken feeding equipment for sale in South Africa is serviced for poultry farms to feeding chicken, in order to satisfied all kinds of chickens, such as layers, broilers and brooders, the chicken feeding equipment for sale in livi machinery including automatic layer battery cages, broiler battery cages, brooder battery cages and other automatic chicken feeding equipment. Our chicken feeding equipment with many automatic system, automatic main feed line system, automatic pan feeding line system, automatic nipple drinking line system, automatic ventilation system, automatic cooling pad system, spraying and disinfection, environment control system, heater system.

In recent years, many poultry farmers have adopted scientific feeding, especially those in South Africa. It realizes scientific feeding from simple feeding to full poultry to reasonable diet and nutritional matching. Due to the continuous enrichment and development of poultry farming theory and technology, automatic feeding is an inevitable trend, especially for large-scale poultry farms. Automatic chicken feeding equipment in South Africa are growing in popularity.

automatic battery layer chicken cage system for sale

The best chicken feeding equipment for sale in South Africa

Different types of chicken feeding equipment for sale in South Africa are provided for different types of chicken cages. Our automatic chicken feeder for sale is specially designed for cage chickens and flat chickens, easy to install and operate, and friendly to newborn chickens. For medium-sized and large-scale chicken farms, semi-automatic or fully automatic chicken raising machines are a cost- and labor-saving option that also saves management time. The automatic chicken feeding equipment installed above the battery chicken cage is suitable for medium and large scale farms.

Another automated chicken feeder is suitable for flat farms. It consists of a whole feed line where the plates are filled with feed. Poultry are free to move around and eat food. The height of the feeder can be adjusted according to the growth stage of the animal. Automatic chicken feeding equipment is conducive to the healthy growth of poultry in the farm, and is suitable for use in every growth stage of poultry.

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Both types of chicken feeding equipment in South Africa are effective in feeding your chickens on the farm. Feeding equipment in battery cage systems in South Africa can help reduce feed waste and ultimately save farmers money. Farmers can monitor flock health and avoid overfeeding by adjusting feeding timing and amount, leading to more sustainable practices and higher profitability.

Project Introduction of chicken feeding equipment in South Africa:

South Africa chicken farm set automatic chicken feeding equipment adopts chicken automatic feed line (chicken automatic feeding equipment), chicken automatic waterline (chicken automatic water supply equipment), ventilation cooling system, insulation heating system as one of the large modern automated chicken Field, each house 1,800 square meters, 6 lines +5 lines (customer requirements), a total of 8 buildings.

Another large farmer in South Africa uses H-type automatic chicken feeding equipment. This customer needs to build a highly automated farm, and does not want to hire personnel to do feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning and other work. The automatic battery chicken cage equipment can meet this demand, and we have customized the optimal solution according to the size of the customer’s chicken house.

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LIVI has more than 30 years of experience in designing, producing and manufacturing poultry farming equipment. Our products are loved by farmers all over the world, especially in South Africa. The best solution and high-quality battery chicken cages have been designed for more than 1000+ poultry farmers. You choose to trust us, we customize the optimal farm solution for you.

Client feedback

Livi machinery designers based on the data provided by the chicken from all aspects of comprehensive comparison, designed a professional for the chicken farm program in South Africa, by the Livi machinery professional engineering team completed independently.

The whole project is completed with 20 days, in order to monitor the quality of the project to ensure the progress of the schedule, the general manager of Livi machinery personally led the construction. In 20 days time, we completed all the chicken feeding equipment, including battery chicken cages,automatic drinking water system, automatic chicken feeding system, ventilation cooling system, insulation heating equipment installation and commissioning.

The customer said, “Although the battery cage price in South Africa you provided are not the best among suppliers, you are professional and reliable.” We are deeply honored to be able to gain the trust and praise of farmers.

Installation of layer hen farming

Post tracking feedback

Recently, the use of chicken feeding equipment in South Africa is more and more popular. The chicken farm staff feedback, the current chicken farm is running normally, only 2 people can be completed. Our chicken feeding equipment can come true automatic ventilation, automatic temperature cooling, automatic drinking water, automatic feeding, just a person in the control room, chicken feedings becoming more easy than before.

To sum up, no matter how big or small your poultry farming project is, when choosing battery cage systems and automatic chicken feeding equipment in South Africa, you need to make reasonable choices according to the conditions of the farm. It is recommended that you have a good understanding before purchasing the equipment so that you can purchase high-quality automated battery cage equipment.