Working advantages of egg picker using breeding equipment

 Farmers who raise laying hens should be aware of the advantages of egg picker, a breeding equipment. After all, using this device can improve efficiency. And reduce the breakage of eggs. It is necessary to know that the breeding equipment egg picker has a high level of automation. Reducing labor brings better benefits to farmers.


First of all, our breeding equipment egg picker consists of import equipment, egg picking equipment, export equipment, buffer equipment, transportation equipment, chain buckle gear and lifting chain. The egg picker equipment is connected to the lifting chain in parallel by a plurality of egg claw groups. Each egg claw group is connected in series by a plurality of egg claws through a connecting shaft. The two ends of each egg claw group are separated by the connecting shaft to be connected with the side stop for preventing the eggs from slipping out. The edge guard is fixed on the lifting chain through the edge buckle.



About the composition of egg picker for chicken raising equipment. Comprising a plurality of active egg collecting devices and conveying devices. The conveying equipment comprises an egg conveying rod, a chain wheel, a transmission chain and an egg receiving tray. A plurality of egg pickers are placed on one side or both sides of the conveying equipment along the moving direction of the transmission chain of the conveying equipment. The egg picker and system have the function of preventing eggs from slipping and breakage. It can reduce the cost of manpower and material resources for farmers. Especially suitable for large chicken farms.


So what are the advantages of the egg picker for breeding equipment? The equipment adopts hot dip galvanizing process, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life of spare parts. The egg picker occupies a small area and saves land. High degree of intensification and good economic benefits. Breeding egg picker can reduce the damage of eggs. Reduce the egg breaking rate. Protect the economic benefits of farmers.