Details of the management of broiler equipment used by Nigerian farmers

Nigerian farmers use broiler equipment to manage their farms with many details. After all, broilers are released faster. Therefore, many details must be handled well without errors.

The first point is to control the temperature of the broiler equipment. It cannot be too high or low. Especially when the chicks enter the chicken house for the first time. It is recommended that the temperature of the brooding room be controlled at about 30°C before the chicks enter the brooding room. After all the chickens enter the chicken house, the temperature is gradually increased.


The second is the ventilation of the chicken cage equipment. If the chicken house is not ventilated for fear of freezing the chickens, it will cause many hidden dangers. Ventilate in real time according to weather conditions. If the ventilation is too large, the flocks will show discomfort, and severely they will catch a cold. If the ventilation is too small and the effect of improving air quality is not achieved, the chickens will still have respiratory problems. Reasonable ventilation can keep the air in the chicken house fresh. In the case of keeping the chickens at a suitable temperature, let the chickens adapt to ventilation as early as possible

In addition to ventilation. The humidity of the chicken house is also important. Controlling the humidity in the chicken house is also very important for the growth and development of chickens. Avoid chickens getting sick due to excessive humidity.

The above are some details of using broiler farming equipment. Hope to help farmers.