High Quality Chicken Battery Cage Manufacturer in Nigeria

We have our own factory to manufacturing battery cages, so we can strictly control the battery cage’s quality and production. The whole battery cages all adopts electrostatic spraying process, we can promise the battery cage’s surface is smooth and does not hurt the chicken. Because our battery cages is factory directly supplier, we can give you a nice price.

Technology descriptions of battery cages in Nigeria:

1.The battery cage frame system materials: Q235 steel for the battery cages frame systems.
2. Feed Troughs: Made of PVC and different Dimension design according clients’ needs or made by 1.0–1.20mm hot galvanized steel sheets with round edge for convenient cleaning, solid and durable design.
3.Surface Treatment:Hot dipped Galvanization by livi hot galvanization production line.

chicken battery cages in livi
Some automatic battery cages management system:

1.The manure collection belts and egg collection belts are imported from Italy. The quality are international standard, durable and easy to be assembled with equipment.
2.Automatic feeding system :
The hopper thickness is 2.2mm,and the Volume is upon the Birds quantity of each row.It’s walking stable.
3.Egg-collection system:
It will be equipped with the transverse egg conveyor system which can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room. It helps in production of clean eggs because the Egg conveyor system can deliver all eggs from different houses to egg storage room as the H frame System.

Our chicken battery cages are very popular with whole world, especially export to Nigeria, and many other countries, such as Pakistan, Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia Countries.

Chicken Battery Cage Manufacturer in Nigeria

Chicken battery cages in Nigeria successfully be installed.
Last year, a poultry farm in Nigeria is 80 meter long, 15 meter for depth, and the height of the house is 4 meter, we designed a plan for this farm. Finally customer choice our chicken battery cages and we are responsible for installing and handling after-sales issues, the customer in Nigeria very satisfied for our battery cages.