Installation of 18000 Layers Battery Chicken Cage in Zambia

The installation of 18000 layers battery chicken cage system in Zambia represents a significant advancement for poultry farming. This project underscores the importance of modernizing agricultural practices to meet the growing demand for eggs and poultry products. The installation process involves the 120 A-type laying hen cage system, requiring a total of 150 sets to accommodate the specified number of layers.

Importance of Battery Chicken Cage Systems

Battery chicken cage systems offer numerous benefits, including efficient space utilization, improved health and hygiene for the birds, and enhanced productivity. These systems are designed to house chickens in stacked rows and columns, allowing for better management and easier collection of eggs.

A type chicken cages in poultry farm
18000 layers battery chicken cage system in Zambia

Installation process of the 18000 layers battery chicken cage system in Zambia

The installation process of the 18000 layers battery chicken cage system in Zambia starts with site preparation. This involves ensuring the ground is level and the area is secure. Next, the 120 A-type laying hen cage system is assembled. Each set of these cages is designed to house a specific number of birds comfortably. The installation team will assemble 150 sets of these cages, ensuring each is properly aligned and securely fastened.

Components of the 120 A-Type Laying Hen Cage System

  1. Cage Structure: The cage structure is made of high-quality galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Each cage is designed to provide ample space for the hens, with specific compartments for feeding and laying.
  2. Feeding Troughs: These are installed along the cages to ensure that all birds have easy access to food. The troughs are designed to minimize waste and ensure even distribution of feed.
  3. Watering System: Automated watering systems are crucial for maintaining the health of the hens. These systems ensure a constant supply of clean water, reducing the risk of disease.
  4. Egg Collection System: The cages are equipped with a conveyor belt system that collects eggs and transports them to a central location for sorting and packaging. This reduces breakage and ensures efficient collection.
  5. Manure Removal System: An automated manure removal system is installed beneath the cages. This system regularly removes waste, ensuring a clean environment for the hens and reducing the risk of disease.
Layers Battery Chicken Cage

Benefits of the 120 A-Type Laying Hen Cage System

  • Increased Productivity: The design of the cages allows for better management of the birds, leading to increased egg production.
  • Improved Hygiene: The automated systems for feeding, watering, and manure removal help maintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • Efficiency: The stacked design of the cages maximizes space utilization, allowing farmers to house more birds in a smaller area.

LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturers

LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturers have been at the forefront of supplying high-quality battery chicken cage systems. Their products are known for durability, efficiency, and ease of installation. In Zambia, LIVI has successfully implemented several poultry projects, including the installation of battery cages for large-scale farms.

One notable project involved the installation of 18,000-layer poultry farm using automatic battery cages. This project, located in Lusaka, Zambia, highlighted the efficiency and productivity of LIVI’s cage systems. The farm reported a significant increase in egg production and improved overall hygiene standards.

120 A-Type Laying Hen Cage System

Why Choose LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturers?

  • Quality Products: LIVI offers high-quality, durable cage systems designed to withstand the harsh conditions of poultry farming.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, LIVI provides expert advice and support throughout the installation process.
  • Customer Support: LIVI ensures that clients receive comprehensive support, including maintenance services and technical assistance.


The installation of 18000 layers battery chicken cage system using the 120 A-type laying hen cage system in Zambia represents a significant step forward for the poultry industry in the region. This modern system offers numerous benefits, including increased productivity, improved hygiene, and efficient space utilization. By partnering with reputable manufacturers like LIVI Poultry Equipment, farmers can ensure they are using top-quality poultry equipment that will enhance their operations and lead to greater success.

For those interested in purchasing a battery chicken cage system or seeking more information on the installation process, LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturers are highly recommended. Their expertise and high-quality products make them a leading choice for poultry farmers looking to modernize their operations.