Poultry automatic farming battery chicken cages equipment for sale

The use of automation farming poultry battery cage device can greatly improve the chicken breeding environment, aquaculture environment only raised, poultry will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduce the use of drugs. And the establishment of automated chicken coop forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the control of chicken farm environment. In addition, the automated chicken coop is more economical to feed, fuel and other breeding resources.
Automation breeding poultry battery cage equipment can realize poultry production quantity, and compared with the flat to raise can be increased by 75% – 100%, which can realize the complete separation of the poultry, feces and poultry to maintain the clean chicken body, reduce the infection rate and mortality of chickens, improve poultry growth environment.
Reducing the activity space of chickens, reducing energy consumption and waste of feed, accelerating the growth of poultry, facilitating the distribution of meat and poultry, combining groups, and observing.
And to ensure that all have enough place to drink water and at the same time to ensure the water supply and uniform for water and good for food can ensure the healthy growth of the chicken, the system operation is simple, can fully achieve efficient operation.
Poultry farming automatic battery cage device is made of aluminium zinc steel plate a trough, sturdy, wear resistance, long service life, cooperate to use static plastic cage frame, to ensure the safety of the overall framework, chicken coop with strong deformation, corrosion resistance, use for a long time. The design of the feeding trough is easy to clean, it can reduce the contamination rate of feed, improve the effective conversion rate of feed and further improve the breeding efficiency.
Poultry farming production automation cascading cage net cages equipment USES the high strength of Q235 steel wire drawing welding quality, surface adopts unique electrostatic processing technology, improve equipment wear and corrosion resistance, and extend the service life of the cage net, improve production efficiency.
Automation cascading chicken caged equipment can realize automatic chicken cage, to a certain stage of chicken, can take out the plastic floor, chicken fall into manure removal belt, deliver to the other end of the hen-house through the manure removal belt, chicken can be transmitted to the hen house outside.
Automation breeding poultry cascading coop equipment includes automatic feeding system, automatic water supply system, and automatic manure removal system. Our leading the industry standard, can realize the automation of caged poultry and specialization to improve the efficiency of poultry farming.
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