The advantages of automated poultry farming

Why do farmers choose fully automatic poultry farming equipment?

With the increase of productivity, the wages of the farmers are increasing, and the traditional breeding industry is unable to meet the demand of the normal breeding industry. Poultry industry is gradually from the traditional to the fully automatic equipment, greatly reduce the electricity consumption farms more save on labor costs and time cost, many automatic poultry farming equipment on the market at present, has got the chicken farmers.

In addition, the input of new equipment can not only realize the high automation control of the whole production process, but also improve the production efficiency and effectively save the manpower and material resources.

Poultry farming is a very profitable agricultural aspect of animal husbandry. Certain equipment is essential in order to achieve maximum results from your poultry farming business.

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Composition of automated poultry farming equipment

The fully automated chicken farming equipment is mainly composed of battery cage system, automatic drinking water system, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic environmental control system, etc. It is designed with automatic control equipment, which is easy to operate and maintain. And they are suitable for the intensive farming mode of layer hens, broilers and chicks.

Now many chicken farmers gradually feel that traditional chicken farming equipment can no longer meet their needs, and are gradually developing from traditional farming equipment to automated farming, breeding to intensification, normalization, and standardization.

How does automatic chicken farmingequipment work?

Poultry production automation for the whole production process, highly automated control automation breeding equipment has realized automatic feeding way, the whole system adopts towers plus automatic blanking and automatic recognition of automatic feeding device, realizes the fully automatic feeding. I company produces the tower is a material storage tower board, annular plate and the hopper are made from high quality material (zinc aluminum coating), reached the international high-end steel silo standard, and the passivation, plate thickness uniformity, high resistance to corrosion of long, tapered design of towers vent, can timely discharge chamber heat, avoid feed mildew.

Automation farming equipment realizes the automatic management,set by center control computer system, solved before farming field on ventilation, manure removal had problems, such as, broken egg rate also dropped to one over one thousand, can automatically adjust the inlet, oxygen content and humidity, ensure the healthy growth of chicken and egg safety, high quality, realize the inner temperature, humidity, ventilation, day lighting is distributed evenly,automatic management.

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My company the egg in the middle of the production system can achieve barrier-free operation, in addition the running speed of conveyor chain according to the layer definition of equipment, on the basis of this up to ensure that the broken egg rate is reduced, the length of the conveyor chain and the slope can be customized according to the birdhouse situation. Lost eggs at the central system should be carried out in outdoor work, we for the conveyor chain and protective cover, ensure the security of the eggs can be transported to the egg rolls, at the same time also have strong ability of collecting system can collect as many as 20000 eggs per hour, applicable to all types of cages, installation is simple.

Automated farming equipment realizes automatic data transmission, all production data can be transmitted in real time on the control cabinet.

Advantages of automatic poultry farming equipment in poultry farms

Poultry farming automation equipment makes production more efficient and allows managers to work more efficiently. Management work is very relaxed, management approach time does not exceed 1 hour, a day on average approach after the work is mainly for breeding, transfer group, observation, treatment must be done by people.

In addition, the use space of automated poultry farming equipment is very high, the production volume is large, and the income can be doubled. Traditional poultry farming will take up more space. Having a cage with automation is a way to be denser, so you could say more birds are being raised in the same floor area.

Now we can know that automatic poultry equipment is useful for the poultry industry, the equipment is the key to build a chicken farm to pay a fully automated, can effectively save manpower resources, create more wealth. Farmers can make investments based on the truth of the chicken farm, and rationally improve infrastructure construction and equipment investment.

Poultry automatic farming equipment, this equipment can automatically replace manual work, so it can save labor costs for farmers and reduce the cost of hiring labor for farmers. The use of automation equipment is more convenient for mechanization, which can greatly improve labor productivity, that is, greatly reduce labor costs.

More importantly, it is beneficial to the control of diseases and drug residues, and lays the foundation for the realization of poultry health and safety requirements. Broiler chickens are of good quality, which is conducive to export, improves market competitiveness, and provides guarantee for poultry farming. It is the direction of intensification, standardization and high efficiency of poultry farming.

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