The modern chicken farm needs to be equipped with which poultry farming equipment

Nowadays, the breeding industry is booming, forming a new pattern of large-scale, automatic and intensive feeding, and people are more concerned about the safety of food and its own health. Today we are going to learn about the poultry farm equipment needed to raise the efficiency and prevent poultry diseases.
First, the poultry ventilation equipment is one of the important equipment, improve the hen-house environment closed hen-house must adopt mechanical ventilation, according to the inner air flow direction, can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Lateral ventilation is the direction of the airflow in the house and the vertical direction of the long axis of the hen house, and the longitudinal ventilation means that a large number of fans are concentrated in one place, so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the chicken coop.
Second, poultry automatic water supply equipment is indispensable to poultry farming equipment, from the perspective of saving water and prevent bacterial contamination, nipple drinking bowl is the most ideal water supply equipment, must choose high quality not leaking water fountain.
Poultry farming in the automatic feeding equipment driving type feeding machine is applicable to type A ladder basket driving feeding machine and is applicable to the steps of the H cascading basket of cascade driving feeding machine two, two have the same structure and function of the feeding machine, the main difference is that A machine of span and different slope. The driving type feeder does not support a multi-column feeding machine, and the number of USES is usually calculated according to the number of cages placed in the chicken coop.
The automatic feeding equipment has stable operation, low noise and long service life. Automatic control is adopted in the process of feeding and separating, which prevents the waste of feed. The large cross-beam part of the hopper is arched, with high bearing capacity and small compression deformation. Save labor, save feed, greatly improve the characteristics such as scale farming benefit.

Poultry farming automatic egg collecting equipment has a high mechanization degree of chicken farm with a conveyor belt of automatic collecting eggs, high efficiency, greatly saving labor.

egg collecting equipment

Poultry farming automatic manure removal equipment, the small chicken farm USES the dung plate, the artificial periodic defecation, the scale of the large chicken farm can be used mechanical defecate. Now there are conveyor belts that are used in large-scale farms.
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