Nigerian farmers should use broiler cages rationally

Many Nigerian customers use broiler cages to raise broilers. Because the chicken coop can feed chickens faster and more efficiently. Bring higher profits to farmers.

Farmers should pay attention. When in use, prevent the broiler cage from rusting. Large farmers know it. Different breeding equipment has different functions. The corresponding equipment is conducive to the growth and development of chickens. Make full use of equipment utilization. A well-protected broiler cage can be used for an additional two years. reduce manufacturing cost.

Because most of the broiler cages are made of metal. It is easy to rust. If you don’t maintain it properly, it will cause the chicken coop to corrode. Originally this device could be used for ten years. But if it is not properly maintained, it only takes 5 years. It is a loss for farmers. After all, our broilers are raised indoors. The chicken can be in contact with the broiler cage at any time. If the chicken skin touches the rusty part, this is not necessarily a good thing.

The cleaning and disinfection of automated breeding equipment is very important. But it is also a very complicated task, and you must be careful when cleaning and disinfecting it. The equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the safety operation regulations. Remember not to overload the use to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. If there are unsafe factors, they should be eliminated in time. Refuel or change the oil regularly, and no dry friction should occur, and ensure that the oil pressure is at normal filling and the oil path is unblocked.