The laying egg chicken automatic poultry farming equipment for sale

After a new round of development of laying hens breeding poultry market is steadily toward the scale, intensive development, the fine control of the laying hens production environment, farming equipment automation and rationalization for the end of the chicken manure treatment and so on a series of urgent demand.automatic poultry farming layer cage
Poultry farming automation equipment to realize the layer hen are feeding system, manure removal system, set the egg system, water system, ventilation system, such as full range of automation control, the products of our company has the advanced design reasonable, saving time and labor for strong and durable, and feeding uniform, stable performance, easy installation, maintenance and maintenance, etc.
The cage of laying hens is equipped with multi-layer cage, which can not only increase the number of chickens, but also raise the breeding efficiency.
The whole set of poultry farming automatic egg chicken equipment USES hot dip galvanizing process, corrosion resistance, service life can be up to 15-20 years. Stepped and stacked two kinds of poultry farming chicken cages are available for customer selection. The cage layers up to 8 layers, saving land and building and raising the farming density. With layer egg chicken automatic egg collection equipment high efficiency and low breaking rate, the central egg machine is suitable for all kinds of house sizes and saves manpower.
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