Why Automatic Poultry Farming Equipment Can Saves Time in the Management?

At present, the poultry farming has developed rapidly, especially the chicken farming has developed rapidly. Traditional poultry farming is no way to achieve large-scale poultry farming. Therefore, automatic poultry farming equipment has been widely recognized and used by users.

As we all know that poultry management is a difficult problem to be solved. The automatic poultry farming equipment can solve this question. It’s a whole equipment consists of multiple systems. The main systems include the drinking water system, the egg collection system, the feeding system, and the automatic cleaning system. Each system has its own unique advantages.

very popular poultry farming equipment

Automatic poultry farming equipment can complete automatic water feeding. The drinking water system is composed of a decompression tank or a pressure reducing valve, a water pipe, a drinking nipple, a drinking cup, a lifting system, and a dosing device. The drinking water system can be adjusted to different heights according to different ages of chickens, and is suitable for drinking water for chickens.

The automatic egg collecting system of poultry farming equipment can reduce the use of labor. The automatic egg collecting system includes an induction device (a quail egg strip), an egg picking device, a delivery device, a buffer device and so on.
The egg collection system has the function of preventing the eggs from falling and breaking, reducing the broken egg rate to 5/10000, and reducing the expenditure on manpower and material resources.

Cleaning chicken manure is a very time consuming and very troublesome task, and the automatic manure removal system in automatic farming equipment completely solves the problem of artificial manure removal. The automatic manure removal system can be automated and excremented without manual operation.

The above is a brief introduction of some systems in poultry farming equipment. If you like our automatic poultry farming equipment or have any questions about it, you can contact us and we will give you further explanations.