Automated chicken farming equipment used in North America

Why use chicken breeding equipment?

Chicken cultivation also requires a good living environment, which is conducive to the healthy growth of chicken flocks, thereby achieving the purpose of raising chicken income. How to create a good living environment has put forward new requirements for chicken farming equipment. On the one hand, chicken equipment must meet the growth habits of chickens, on the other hand, it must meet the requirements of improving chicken farmers’ efficiency and reduce costs from the source.

For example, in winter, heating equipment needs to be turned on to play a role in keeping layers warm. Of course, the requirements for automated poultry farming equipment are different. The decisive factor is the difference between the automatic chicken breeding model and the laying hen breeding method. But still need some basic chicken equipment. Such as: automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, manure removal equipment, egg picking equipment, temperature control equipment, etc.

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Why choose us?

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has continuously updated the chicken equipment solution since the company was established. From the aspects of feeding, egg collection, manure removal, chicken house, etc., we will build a modern and fully automatic chicken breeding equipment.

Feeding equipment: The feed tower is the first to prevent pests from entering and ensure fresh and high-quality feed. The second is the automatic feeding machine, which is different from the traditional long trough. The trough is narrow and it is easy to cause food waste. Livi’s poultry farming equipment is the “Automatic Feeding System”. The structure design is reasonable, the height of the homogenizer can be adjusted according to the feed intake of the chicken, and the feeding amount can be adjusted. One-button automatic feeding can be realized. The plastic trough has a reasonable structure, saves feed, and is economical and durable.

Egg collection equipment: The automatic egg collection system uses wear-resistant, durable, long-life egg collection belts to improve efficiency, save labor, and reduce egg breakage.

Manure cleaning equipment: a good chicken environment requires regular cleaning of chicken manure. Feces can be cleaned manually or with a spatula. The scraper is easy to damage and inconvenient to maintain, which is suitable for small-scale farming. Livi’s chicken farming equipment adopts scraper-type manure removal. No labor, clean and efficient, reduce environmental pollution.