Battery Layer Cages in Nigeria With Lower Price 120 birds capacity

We can provide you the best commercial battery poultry cages for layers in Nigeria with lower price. Our company has strong technical power, advanced machinery and equipment, superb production technology. We pioneered the electrostatic spraying treatment, completely solve the problems that the hot galvanizing is not smooth, cold galvanizing is not durable and the environment pollution problem. We produce all kinds of poultry cages for chickens, including about commercial battery layer cages, broiler cages and brooder cages, besides, we also have many other automatic poultry farming systems. Our commercial battery poultry cages for layers sell well in the whole China and export to Nigeria, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and The Middle East.

Battery cage for layers in Nigeria

Developing poultry farming in Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the risky but worthwhile high-income projects. Due to the improvement of living standards, the eggs on our table all come from laying hens. Hen production can also benefit farmers. Developing poultry farming in Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the risky but worthwhile high-income projects. Due to the improvement of living standards, the eggs on our table all come from laying hens. Hen production can also benefit farmers.

The size of our A-type battery layer cage in Nigeria is 1800 * 350 * 380mm. It has four tiers and five doors. A set of chicken cages can hold 120 birds. All water fittings and fixtures are included for adding fecal scrapers and feed carts, which are optional. Our drinking equipment and feeder are made of PVC material. Under the condition of ensuring the health and safety of poultry, the equipment can be used longer.

Our 120 bird poultry layer cages are equipped with fully automated drinking water systems, which can provide feeding systems for poultry, avoid feed waste and improve feed conversion rate. Our battery layer cages are carefully designed to help poultry achieve the highest egg production rate. They can also provide feed seamlessly, easily clean egg collection, and easily manage the entire cage.

Our battery cage for layer with 120 birds is characterized by simple structure and convenient operation. It can guarantee the maximum egg production of your laying hens. In addition, it is equipped with automatic drinking equipment and feeder, which can ensure that poultry have clean water and sufficient food. Our imported poultry egg cage can accommodate 120 layers at a more affordable price.

automatic poultry farming layer cage

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How much is the battery poultry cage in Nigeria?

Even if your chicken house occupies a small area, the battery chicken cage in Nigeria can also achieve higher density feeding. With the help of the poultry cage system, you can increase the number of birds raised by at least 3 times. At this time, you must want to know the price of battery cage of poultry farming in Nigeria.

Before you buy battery layer cages, you should consider the scale of the farm, the number of birds you plan to raise, the available facilities, and the price of the battery cage. Our battery cage is made of high-quality hot galvanized material, which is sturdy and durable, ensuring that each group of chicken cages can be used for about 20 years.

You can click below to fill in your breeding scale and the area of the chicken house, and we will provide you with free quotation and free chicken house design scheme within 24 hours. Contact us, you can get the factory price, because we are poultry cage manufacturers.

Battery chicken cages for layer is the best solution in poultry farms

Now, eggs play an important role in poultry breeding in Nigeria. It is a producer where consumers buy eggs every day. The use of battery egg cages is a correct decision in Nigeria. They can provide feed, water, feces cleaning, proper ventilation and other work, reducing farmers’ expenditure on workers.

Layer poultry cages can realize high-density breeding of chicken houses with relatively small area. Without considering that the new chicken house can improve the breeding quantity, the best option is to purchase poultry battery cages.

Poultry battery cages for layer in Nigeria allow chickens to produce better eggs. The environment, air, sunlight and temperature of the chicken house can be adjusted according to the habits of poultry. In addition, separating poultry from chicken manure can maintain the environmental sanitation of the chicken house and reduce the spread of diseases.

Poultry battery cages help to produce high-quality eggs and reduce the spread of diseases in the chicken house by saving space. Let poultry have a suitable environment to maximize egg laying performance. The poultry cage system of poultry farming is the best way to be right.

Successful installation project about commercial battery poultry cages for layers

1.Our customer in Nigeria want to feed 44000 chickens in a whole layer cages, and finally they purchased our H frame system commercial battery poultry cages for layers in 2014, and now, all the equipment working well in this farm. Besides, our commercial battery poultry cages for layers with a lower price to sale.

2. Our customer choice automatic egg collection and transfer system directly transfer all egg to stock room.
The automatic egg collection machines total 5 sets in front of the each row which use lifting can collect the eggs tier by tier,and then working together with Egg Conveyor System directly to the chicken house.

3. Automatic drinking line.
The automatic drinking system including the square pipes with screw nipples,water pressure regulators, filters.

4. We also have manure removal system to collect chicken waste.
Using the manure removal systems and all automatic control, the manure conveyor can deliver all manure to the manure collection truck and send directly outside of the chicken farm.

Our commercial battery poultry cages for layer in Nigeria is exported to all over the world, and our company won the reputation of good faith business units. If you are interested in our commercial battery poultry cages for layers, you can send e – mail to, and I will reply you in the first time.