Hot Sell Poultry Farming Equipment With Low Price

Livi machinery is the NO.1 poultry farming equipment with low price manufacturer and supplier in China. We are mainly produce and export battery layer cages, battery broiler cages, chicken brooder cages, baby chick cages and other full automatic poultry equipment. Besides, we also equipped with a series of automatic system, such as ventilation system, egg collection system, drinking water system, manure removal system and some automatic control system. And it has the advantages of simple structure, stable performance, uniform feeding, power saving, labor and durability.

Our hot sell poultry farming equipment has many features, I summed it up into three points.

1. Reduce labor cost.

high degree of automation, realization of feeding, feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, and environmental automation control, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and saving labor costs.

2. advanced equipment.

cage network using advanced hot dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, long life, strong and beautiful, not easy to rust, is the preferred equipment for factory and collective farming.

3. Investment province.

The cascading breeding equipment is adopted under the same breeding scale, which has high stocking density, saves land and has a high degree of intensification.

4. Reduce the cost of medication.

poultry farming equipment in livi machinery

The cascading culture equipment adopts the fully enclosed culture mode, which realizes the separation of human chickens and greatly improves the environment of the chicken house. Reduced the invasion of foreign diseases and reduced mortality.

Livi machinery poultry farming equipment and other chicken battery cage system all adopts Q235 international steel made up. All of our meshes are used electrostatic spraying process, Successfully solved the drawbacks of cold galvanizing and corrosion, hot galvanized surface roughness. Our poultry farming equipment has nice corrosion resistance and can make meshes surface smooth and livi machinery is far better than other similar companies.

All of our poultry farming equipment with lower price all can equipped with constant temperature system, The constant temperature system consists of a wet curtain and a negative pressure fan. In the summer, the heat of the house can be excluded, and the chicken house can be kept warm in winter.

We have more than 30 professional engineers responsible for our poultry farming equipment design, production, quality control, installation and even after-sales service. There is no worries after you purchasing our poultry farming equipment. If you have any doubt about our poultry equipment, please send e – mail to, i will replied you soon.