Attractive Battery Brooder Cages for Sale with High Quality

Breeding chicks using chicken brooder cages for sale is a popular method widely adapted to large-scale intensive chicken production, and livi chicken brooder cages for sale is widely used by farmers.

The battery chicken brooder cage can not only increase the feeding density, save the land, but also can creature a comfortable environment for chicks, make the chicks are not directly in contact with the stools, which can prevent the occurrence of coccidiosis and other various chicken diseases. Besides, battery chicken brooder cages also can improve the survival rate of the chicks. At the same time, if you choice battery chicken brooder cages to breed baby chicks, the management will become more convenient.

As for battery layer cages and chicken battery broiler cages, our chicken brooder cages for sale generally consists of cage meshes, cage frame, a chicken manger, a sink and a manure board. Our battery chicken brooder cages can be divided into three parts, a set of electric heating cages, a group of insulated cages, and 4 sets of sports cages. Currently our customers always used is 4-layer structure.

chicken battery brooder cages

There is a space of 10m between the upper and lower cages so that can put into the manure board. the manure board can be moved, and the manure board should be replaced on a daily or every other day. The chicken manger and sink are separated from the chicken brooder cage meshes by 2035mm and the distance can be adjusted to ensure that the chicks can reach for food and drinks, but cannot escape from the chicken brooder cages for sale. The bottom of the cage was made of wire mesh of 12 mm × 12 m, makes the chicken manure was dropped into the manure board.

A type battery chicken brooder cages

Livi machinery is specialized in providing guaranteed quality battery chicken brooder cages for sale with most attractive price under the same condition. If you need poultry chicken brooder cage or other chicken battery  cages system, please send email to, and i will give you a satisfied answer.