Modern Broiler Cages System With Lower Price

Most of the broiler cages are three-layer or four-layer battery cages. Their design and structure are basically the same as those of laying chicken cages, and they are also equipped with systems for collecting eggs, drinking water, feeding materials, cleaning feces, etc.

The main advantages of modern broiler cages farming are:
1. High degree of automation: equipped with automatic feeding and drinking system, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy, improving labor productivity, reducing the cost of artificial rearing, and greatly raising the breeding efficiency of farmers; with automatic cleaning system, wet curtain and ventilation equipment. Can ensure good air quality in the chicken house and provide a favorable environment for the growth of broilers.
2. The chickens have good epidemic prevention and can effectively prevent infectious diseases: Chickens do not come into contact with faeces and can make them grow healthily, which is conducive to the control of diseases and greatly reduces the occurrence of diseases.
3. Save space and improve feeding density: Using broiler cages is more than 3 times higher than usual farming density.

Modern broiler cage system

4. Saving fodder: Using broiler cage system raising chicken can save a lot of fodder. Chickens are kept in cages. The amount of exercise is reduced, energy consumption is reduced, and reduce the food waste. Data shows that feeding in broiler cages can effectively save more than 25% of the cost of usual farming.
5. Increased revenue. Scientific research shows that Breeding chickens with broiler cage system can increase profits by 40% compared to ordinary farming.
6, Durable: Broiler cage system using hot-dip galvanizing process, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, service life can be up to 15 to 20 years.

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