where to buy battery cage in nigeria

where to buy battery cage in Nigeria? Good chicken cages can bring great benefits to farmers.

According to the structure of the chicken cage. There are single-layer parallel type, half-step type, stacked type and full-step type. Single-layer parallel type: the stocking density is high, the utilization rate of the chicken house is high, but there is no obvious division of cage groups and lanes, management and feeding are difficult. Half-step type: The ventilation effect is worse than that of the full-step type, but the feeding density is higher.

Cascading type: high breeding density, high utilization rate of chicken coops, and good production efficiency. However, the construction, ventilation equipment, and manure removal equipment of the chicken house require higher requirements. It is inconvenient to observe the flock and difficult to manage. Full-staircase type: There is no need to set up a manure board, a manure pit, or a manure removal system at the bottom of the cage. The structure is simple, and the ventilation and illumination of each layer of the cage are large. However, it occupies a large area, has low feeding density and high equipment cost.




Classified by material: steel wire and iron wire. Steel wire: harder, high strength, good elasticity; iron wire: softer, good plasticity, but easy to bend and deform. Price: The price of steel wire is higher than that of iron wire. Classified by process: galvanizing and spraying process. Galvanizing: heat and cold. Strong thermal corrosion resistance, good adhesion and hardness of galvanized, but less galvanized, easy to fall off in humid environment. Although cold plating Zinc is finer and brighter than hot-dip galvanizing, but it pollutes more. Plastic spraying: plastic spraying has lower cost than galvanizing, but galvanizing has better effect and longer service life.


Buying skills for chicken cages and chicken racks, material: thick metal wire, good elasticity, and no deformation. Distinguish between steel wire and iron wire: the surface of the steel wire is mostly treated to show black wire; the iron wire is mostly white and has the fastest luster. Appearance inspection: The mesh cage must be smooth, free of burrs, cracks and scratches, and products with high mesh density and low density should not be purchased. Protection technology: The partition net and the bottom net need to be heavily encrypted.

Process inspection: galvanizing, plastic spraying and other processes require thick, uniform, and no peeling; no welding depth is consistent, no false welding, missing welding and obvious welding traces, etc. High-quality products: easy to assemble, can be adjusted appropriately according to the site, can be adjusted in single-layer, multi-layer, and stepwise, can be equipped with automatic drinking water, automatic filling, automatic manure removal, and automatic breeding.

There are many types of chicken layer cages due to different classification methods. For example, according to their assembly form, they can be divided into stepped type, semi-stepped type, stacked type, stepped stacked integrated type and single-layer flat type; according to their use, they can be divided into laying eggs. Chicken cages, brooding cages, brooding cages, breeder cages and broiler cages. Farmers need to choose a suitable chicken cage according to their own needs.