Chicken Cage for Sale in South African

Many farmers in South Africa use layer equipment to raise layer hens. chicken layer cages for sale in south africa how to have good breeding technology? This is the point. Because only by raising the laying hens will there be greater benefits.


Don’t neglect the management of humidity during the breeding process. Too dry air will cause dust to fly. Flying dust entering the upper respiratory tract can cause respiratory diseases. Laying hens must raise on a large scale throughout the entire process of using cage-raising equipment for laying hens. It means that the chicks must  keep in cages from the first day of brooding until they are releasing. This can increase the stocking density. Maximize the chicken coop and land utilization rate. At the same time, it is convenient for feeding and management.

When constructing caged chicken coops, pay attention to the fully enclosed chicken coop without windows. Breeders should use exhaust fans to exhaust the air in the house. Of course, fresh air enters the house from the air inlet. Artificial lighting is using in the house instead of natural lighting. When the temperature is high, a wet curtain should be installed to cool the chicken house. In the cold season, artificial heating can be used or the chicken’s own heat can be used. To keep the temperature in the house within a comfortable range.



Farmers can raise layers according to their nutritional needs. Research and design the corresponding feed formula. Meet the needs of broiler growth and development in high-density cages. The vitamins of the broiler feed formula are increase by an average of 20% compare to the ground level standard. Adapt to the needs of caged laying hens.

Ventilation is the top priority in the breeding process. Dare to ventilate. Only by ventilating can you raise chickens well. Cage chicken houses generally need skylights, side windows, and longitudinal fans, which are the basic conditions for good ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is: 1. Exhaust harmful gases in the house in time; 2. Input fresh air (oxygen); 3. Adjust the temperature in the house appropriately.

Cage chickens are three-dimensional breeding, with more chickens and higher density. Poor ventilation can cause hypoxia. According to the season, outside temperature, indoor air quality, and the amount of ventilation required. A speed regulator should install, and the fan speed and time will vary depending on the situation. To prevent excessive wind from causing a cold. When the wet curtain is activated in summer, the wind inlet should be blocked. It is strictly forbidden for cold wind to blow directly on nearby chickens. When the weather changes suddenly and strong winds come up, the side windows should be closed temporarily.


The above is a little bit about cage technology. Hope to help farmers. If you are interesting, you can send us an email.