Do You Know How to Choose and Management Battery Cage for Layer?

First, how to choose high quality battery cage for layers?

how to choose high quality battery cage for layers?

With the development of poultry farming, battery cage for layers has also been favored by farmers.

Choosing the temperature-control equipment heater stove, which has the advantages of fast heating, low coal burning, easy installation and free placement. The water curtain type factory air conditioning system has wide applicability, and can exert significant effects in various places which are crowded, and the places with large heat sources, or easy to produce pollution and poor ventilation. The battery cage for layers are cooperation of the whole system. The exhaust fan quickly removes the hot air, exhaust gas and odor which generated by the indoor personnel and the equipment, and avoids the stimulation of the hens by the exhaust gas and odor. The entire indoor air can be updated in one minute at the earliest, which is impossible in general layer cages.

According to the scale and funds choosing battery cage for layers. If you need a high degree of automation, you can choose a high-capacity battery cage for layers; according to poultry farmers actual situation to choose the most suitable cages. Choosing a good battery cage for layers can greatly reduce other labor costs.

Second, how to manage battery cage for layers in daily life?

how to manage battery cage for layers in daily life?

For battery cage for layers, different farming methods have different management. This cage can achieve centralized management of laying hens and reduce the incidence of laying hens. Therefore, in the process of poultry farming, according to the actual farming quantity, adoption of international standards for Battery cage for layers, appropriate density adjustment, to ensure the health of the flock while saving resources and space.

For the design of battery cage for layers, the characteristics of the chicken feed must be taken into account. Generally, it is common to use dry material for feeding. Chickens are kept in cages and generally fed with powder or crumb-like feed. In order to avoid the loss of feed, crumb feed are generally used.

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