Zambia poultry farming chicken cage for sale

Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the professional chicken farming equipment suppliers in China with a history of more than 30 years. Our product range includes chicken layer battery cage, broiler battery cages, brooder cages and related equipment. After 20 years of research and development, we can provide complete solutions for poultry farms from small batches to million batches. Our poultry equipment battery cage systems in Zambia are widely recogniz in countries.


A Type Manual Chicken Layer Cage for Sale

The A-type layer cage structure is named after the A-type structure design. It is widely using in small and medium (5000 to 15000) poultry farms. The overlapping part of the chicken farm is small, which can better ventilate. The affordable price of manual battery layer cages is the best choice for poultry friends on a low budget.

Low price manual battery layer cage

Advantages of manual layer cage

  1. Low price manual battery layer cage because of without automatic poultry equipment.
  2. It is generally three or four layers, and it is more convenient to pick up eggs.
  3. Make efficient use of chicken house To a certain extent, it meets the requirements of poultry breeding friends who want to expand the number of breeding due to the small area of the chicken house.


Automatic A type Chicken Layer Cage for Sale

The price of automatic A-type layer cages is cheaper than H-type. Our layer cage equipment is design to increase the efficiency of poultry farming and increase egg production. And automatic laying hen cage system for sale includes automatic battery cage system, automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic egg collection system, automatic ventilation system, automatic drinking water system, etc. It is suitable for medium-sized poultry farms with breeding sales in (15,000-30,000 birds). Reduce poultry farming costs and improve poultry farming efficiency.

H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms

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Advantages of automatic layer cage

  1. The high degree of automation can realize intensive poultry farming.
  2. Chicken manure is convey by conveyor belt to dry and granulate chicken manure. Therefore, environmental pollution can be reduced and the reuse rate of chicken manure can be improved.
  3. Atype automatic egg laying hen cage is made of Q235 low carbon steel. The surface of the cage mesh is hot-dip galvanized. It has excellent structural strength and rust resistance, and has a service life of up to 20 years.


The A-type battery cage system for layer is well receive in Zambia. Our poultry cages are compliment by our Zambian customers. If you are interested in our products, please click to leave a message.


H Type Automatic Battery Layer Cage for Sale

LIVI poultry farming equipment focuses on H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms. Our fully automatic battery cage system includes chicken cage, automatic feeding system, watering system, egg collection system, manure cleaning system and environmental control system, etc.

Choosing the right poultry equipment for laying hens is critical if you are to increase the productivity of your laying facility. By using an automated cage system where feed and water can be easily delivered to the laying hens, you can easily control ambient temperature, efficiently collect eggs and remove manure, thereby increasing poultry egg production​​​.

H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms

Advantages of H frame automatic layer cage

  1. The poultry farm H-type chicken battery cage system optimizes the limited space of the chicken house and increases the number of poultry breeding by at least 3 times.
  2. The automatic chicken feeding system reduces food waste, improves feed conversion rate and saves labor costs.
  3. Chickens with adequate feed, water level and healthy uniformity are restricting to a minimum amount of exercise, consuming energy and saving feed.


Broiler Chicken Cage for Sale

LIVI poultry farming equipment automatic battery broiler chicken cage is durable and well designed. The size of the cage is suitable for the growth of broilers. Automated feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, and the use of environmental control equipment make poultry farming simple and easy.

H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms

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Advantages of H frame automatic broiler cage

  1. The chicken coop can feed broilers for 1 day. Because the slaughter time of broilers is about 45 days. From a young age, chickens are raising in chicken cages to save costs.
  2. Make full use of space and increase the number of poultry breeding. Save investment and greatly reduce land cost.
  3. Factory price broiler cages in Zambia, we are poultry equipment manufacturer. Affordable poultry farming equipment for poultry farming friends.


Brooder Cage with Nice Price

The automatic brooder cage system is design for chickens from 0 to 10 weeks old. It includes baby chick friendly battery cage system, mobile chicken feeder, height adjustable automatic drinker, feeding trough, water storage tank, brooder, lighting system and manual removal system. With these reasonable designs, this pullet cage can become an ideal and economical cage system for raising chicks.

The baby chick cage not only increases the breeding density and realizes centralized management, but also improves the breeding efficiency and brooder survival rate. The system ensures that each chick grows in a comfortable environment.

Advantages of brooder cage

  1. There are chicken manure boards under each cage. This reduces the likelihood of feces causing infectious diseases, thereby reducing mortality;
  2. The amount of movement is small, the trough is specially design, and the trough adjustment plate is providing. Not only can save feed, but also improve the feed conversion rate.
  3. It is convenient to observe the growth status, grouping and selection of birds.
  4. There are enough places for feeding and drinking, with good uniformity and hygiene;
  5. All systems can be equip with automatic equipment such as feeding, drinking water, manure collection, and chicken house environment, with less workload and convenient management.


The battery chicken cages produced by LIVI Machinery have better quality, affordable price and excellent service. We have more than 30 years of experience in the production and design of poultry equipment. Specializing in the production of chicken cages, broiler cages, brooding cages and other poultry breeding equipment. If you are interested in us, please send an email to: