Battery cage system of poultry farming

Are you considering entering the poultry farming industry and developing a modern poultry farming project using battery cage systems? If yes, this article is helpful to you. Whether you choose a broiler project or a laying hen project, the use of battery cage systems to develop breeding is a good choice.

What Is A Battery Cage System?

Battery cage systems are also known as poultry cages. It is mainly used in commercial poultry production. High-density breeding is achieved by stacking up and down, thereby improving the utilization of chicken house space. So chicken battery cage are suitable for farms where productivity and intensification are a priority.

Increase productivity and reduce labor with automatic battery cage systems equipped with automated poultry equipment. The use of automatic drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collecting equipment, automatic environmental control equipment, etc. Poultry farming friends only need to press the control button lightly, and the equipment can work automatically. An automatic chicken farm with 20,000 birds is enough for 1 person to manage.

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Types of Battery Cages

Battery cage systems of poultry farming can be divided into three categories according to the breed of chicken. Now let’s take a closer look.

Layer Battery Cages

The battery cage system for layer is widely using in egg production. Poultry layer cages are modernized, and the development of large-scale breeding projects plays a pivotal role. Battery chicken layer cages achieve high density farming by stacking tier by tier. A modern poultry farm producing eggs can raise tens of thousands of chickens. Cage populations are at least three times higher than deep litter system.

There are A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken battery cages for laying hens. A Type laying hen cage is suitable for chicken houses with a breeding capacity of 5000-30000 birds. It has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance. The biggest difference between it and the H-type laying hen cage is the automatic manure removal system, except for the shape. A frame chicken layer cages only need a manure removal belt at the bottom.

The H-frame layer cage system gets its name from the shape of the letter ‘H’. Compared with A-type chicken cages, it occupies a smaller area and has a higher space utilization rate. Suitable for poultry farms with more than 30,000 birds. The H-type chicken cage has a high degree of automation and needs to be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, and egg systems.

The use of poultry battery cages can effectively manage poultry to achieve the purpose of increasing egg production and poultry meat.


Battery Chicken Cage for Broiler

Battery broiler cages are used for mass rearing of broilers. It is suitable for 1-45 days of chickens for the purpose of obtaining poultry meat. Battery cage system for broilers can achieve higher growth rates, improve feed conversion rates, and gain higher body weight from meat eaters.

If you plan to consider the development of intensive broiler farming, farming in automatic broiler chicken cage is a good choice. It can provide a comfortable environment for broilers. In addition, poultry broiler cage farming is also a more economical farming method.

Baby Chick Cages

Baby chick cages are also called pullet chicken cages. It is suitable for pullets that are not laying eggs. As a typical chicken cage, the pullet cage can keep the chicks from the chick stage to the growth stage for about 90-100 days, and then transfer to the laying hen cage to lay eggs. Pullets must be carefully bred to be ready for later egg laying. The better the pullet grows, the higher the egg production rate. Therefore, chicken farmers can obtain an ideal return on investment.

The use of chick cages can increase the stocking density, improve the utilization rate of the chicken house, and effectively improve the survival rate and feed conversion rate of poultry. Chicken coops allow you to centrally manage your poultry while maintaining a hygienic environment in the house.


Are Battery Cages Good for Poultry?

The battery cage system is suitable for modern poultry farming. Compared with traditional feeding methods, chicken cage system feeding has the following advantages.

  1. Poultry cage systems of poultry farming contributes to the health of chickens. Poultry farmers all hope that their poultry have a high survival rate and remain healthy during the breeding period, so the battery layer cage system is your best choice. Because high-quality chicken cageshas a good design. Chicken manure can pass through the bottom net of the cage. Chicken droppings are free to fall. This is not only easy to clean up the manure, but also the chicken manure will not cause bacteria to cause the chickens to get sick.
  2. Save labor costs. The cage system has a higher working efficiency in the poolry. The chickens are well manage in the cage. And it is no longer necessary to hire people to clean the house, feed, add water, collect eggs, etc. With cage systems, poultry management becomes easier. Not only does it take the pressure off poultry farming friends, it also reduces the need to hire many workers for poultry farms.
  3. Affordablechicken cages. If you are planning to start a poultry farming business plan, you will also find affordable battery cage systems. Also a high quality cage system is not only durable but also suitable for all poultry (layers, broilers, chicks, breeders). For poultry farming friends of other farming methods, you can consider poultry cage systems. It is helpful for you to expand your poultry farming project.
  4. Raise more chickens in the same area. Poultry battery cages are stacked tier by tier, you can raise at least 3 times the number of chickens per unit area compared to deep litter systems. This means you can save on construction costs and maximize the use of house space.
  5. Poultry has higher productivity. In addition to having an affordable price, battery cages allow poultry to maximize their production value. On a modern poultry farm, chickens can be well care for, with a healthy growing environment and comfortable battery cages to maximize egg production. According to surveys, 70% of the world’s egg production comes from raising in battery cage systems. So, if you are planning to develop a poultry farming project, letting the battery cage system assist is a good option.

Tips for Buying Battery Cages

The poultry farming industry is now popular with battery cage system prototypes, so the number of chicken cage manufacturers is gradually increasing. And battery cage price and quality are uncertain.

  1. Farmers want to know if the offer they receive is worth it. Price comparisons with other poultry equipment manufacturers can be made. This is more conducive to understanding the market.
  2. A problem worthy of the attention of poultry farming friends, the quality of the battery cage is different, and the price will not be different. Therefore, when purchasing  battery cages, it is recommend that the quality should be ranked before the price. After all, high-quality hot-dip galvanized chicken cages can be used for 20 years.
  3. You can choose to buy imported poultrybattery cages or buy them locally. Depending on your farming project and the funds available for your poultry farm, you can choose between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cage systems.