Modern Poultry Equipment In Azra With Nice Price

Are you in need of poultry equipment? Livi machinery has a great selection of poultry equipment, across the Azra’s.

Livi machinery offers various poultry equipment in Azra’s, including about layer hens cages, chicken broiler cages, breeder cages and other poultry system. We’ ll help with all of your poultry equipment needs.

poultry farming equipment with lower price

Today, I will introduction following system of poultry farming equipment:

1. Chicken feeding and drinking rearing system.
The feeding and drinking line could adjust the height following the chicken age, more efficiency and saving labor cost than the traditional broiler feeding which is by manual feeder and drinker.

2. Auto feeding hopper system.
The chicken feed stored in the silo nearby and sent by transverse feed auger with motor automatic.the feeding machines can be feeding trolley type or chain feeding system.

3. Egg transferring belt system.
Egg production more than floor raising and all egg can be equipped with vertical automatic egg collection system and egg conveyor available to the egg store room.

4. Our Azra’s poultry equipment also have manure removal system.
The motor drives the gear work, turn the traction through the wheel to make the scraping manure plates run completed the dung cleaning technology.

5. Manure drying machine.
The Pump will pump the manure into Manure Press,great power fecal water filter off through the filter screen flow into adjustment pool.The final product can be used as fertizer directly.

6.Feed storage and supplying system.
it keeps the chicken feed fresh.and feeding trolley with feed average equipment to give feed with same level into the feed troughs.

battery chicken equipment with high quality

Livi machinery is a family-owned corporation, can offers the best poultry equipment for you. No matter the size of your operation, we are sure to have the right poultry equipment for you. For more other equipment, please check our product lists.

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