Automatic Poultry Farming System In Nigeria

Why choose livi machinery’ s automated poultry farming system in Nigeria?

First, our professional designers will come up with plans that meet the specific needs of your poultry farm, taking into account your budget, size and environmental circumstances. Automated chicken cage systems are installed that precisely fit the design agreed between livi’s staff and your business. Technical training and full customer support is provided for all clients, enabling you to get the most out of their automated poultry farming system.

Second, a comprehensive guarantee applies to all equipment and post-guarantee service is provided to ensure that everything works smoothly. We have dozens of professionals dedicated to providing after-sales service in Africa to provide guidance for your poultry farming equipment. Automation is spreading across the agribusiness sector, and poultry farming is no excep

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Third, Every stage in the life cycle of chicken feedings can be included in automated poultry farming system, and the automatic poultry system of Livi machinery including about automatic layer battery cages, broiler battery cages, breeder cages and other  automatic poultry farming system in Nigeria.

Fourth, in Nigeria you can choose layers, broilers, and chicks. Chicken eggs are poultry widely consumed by the Nigerian people, and the most important thing is that they have a good market prospect in Nigeria. It is a good opportunity for farmers who want to benefit from the growing demand for poultry meat and eggs in Nigeria.

Market Leaders in automated poultry farming systems in Nigeria

Livi machinery is at the forefront of delivering automated poultry systems in Nigeria, making raising the efficiency of farming operations. For example, technical services include automatic control of forage distribution. Livi’s automation poultry systems can distribute forage according to the weight, age and egg laying ability of individual birds. The feeding system automatically logs the cost of feed on a daily basis, allowing customers to take control of their costs down to a minute level of detail. It also enables farmers to regulate the size of forage particles that reach their birds, helping to increase their weight more quickly.


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We can install automated manure removal, auxiliary and egg collection systems in our automatic poultry system, automatic feeding system, automatic drinking system and so on. Our poultry farming system has a high degree of automation, which plays an important role in assisting farmers in managing poultry to facilitate the management of poultry. Reduce the cost of employing personnel for farmers.

Customers can also implement automated manure removal and unloading systems and egg collection systems according our automatic poultry system. Sophisticated machinery can sort eggs according to shape and colour and detect any blood impregnations. Livi’s automatic poultry systems also take care of drying and disinfection of eggs, can weigh them using electronic scales and deal with the packing side of poultry farming system as well. They can also be configured to mark the surfaces of eggs in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.

Poultry cage price in Nigeria

Get the best poultry cages at affordable prices here at chicken cage manufacturers and minimize the cost of raising layers, broilers, chicks or any other chickens in Nigeria. If you buy poultry cage systems, your birds all deserve a conducive environment that is easy to maintain in order to convert the feed you provide them into eggs or meat.

If you are raising poultry intensively, buying poultry chicken cages is a good solution, and you don’t need to maintain the cages often to use them for chicken farming. And raising chickens in cages is more conducive to the development of medium and large poultry farms. Farmers don’t have to worry about poultry feeding, drinking water and environmental sanitation in chicken houses. Due to the use of automation equipment.

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As a chicken cage manufacturer with rich experience, I have seen most farmers adopt poultry farming systems in Nigeria and their farming projects have also achieved great success. We sell poultry cages in Nigeria with affordable price, and the quality of the poultry chicken cages has a good guarantee. We use high-quality raw materials to make the service life of poultry equipment reach about 20 years. If you have the idea and willingness to develop poultry farming, no matter how big or small your project is, you can leave a message to contact us, and our professionals will help you with your project.

And with poultry cages, the birds can be easily managed and handled. They can be checked, fed and vaccinated easily. Poultry farming systems in Nigeria are highly automated and come in different sizes and models at affordable prices. Our poultry farming system is loved by many farmers in Nigeria. Please contact us to discuss poultry cages price.

Layer hen farming project in Nigeria

Installation of layer hen farming in Nigeria. Our installation team has done the job of the perfect poultry farming system in Nigeria. The customer is satisfied with Livi’s team and the poultry equipment layer cages. He said that he will buy livi products when he wants to expand his poultry farming project. I am satisfied with your service.

This client has 21,600 birds. The size of the chicken house is 96*12*4m. A total of 3 rows were placed, with 45 groups of chicken layer cages in each row. 160 birds were raised in layer hen cages with 4 floors and 5 doors.

Installation of layer hen farming in Nigeria


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The chicken layer cages we produce are hot-dip galvanized. The cage life of this material is longer compared with cold galvanized. The customer learned about the cages in advance, and he said that the hot-dip galvanized chicken cages have good anti-rust function, longer service life, affordable price and good quality.

The customer also equipped the farm with automatic drinking water, feeding, and manure cleaning equipment. In this way, he does not need to hire nearly 10 people to manage the poultry, only he and his brother can complete it. Customers say that the automated poultry farming system does provide real help in the farming process, which makes poultry farming easier and easier.