Laying hens breeding automation equipment

With the development of the society, all walks of life are thinking about the direction of automation, science and technology, fine, poultry breeding industry is no exception, thus laying hens breeding and a major step forward towards the direction of the automatic age, let’s make a brief introduction of laying hens breeding for everybody how to fully automated.
In everyone’s impression, the chicken farm is full of peculiar smell. In modern poultry farming field, in the hen house smell to reduce a lot, feeding, manure removal, pick up eggs, cleaning, and even to the packaging, automated operation, laying chicken farming into the standardized “pipeline”.
At present the automatic layer chicken house, the use of the heavy layer egg chicken feeding equipment. The device can be layered, and each layer can breeding an layer hen, which greatly saves the land compared to the traditional chicken coop. We can do that, and the rows of chicken cages are clean and tidy. In the use of poultry farm automation equipment. When the poultry are thirsty, there is an automatic water fountain. When poultry are hungry, the feeding machine can feed the feed to the trough evenly. The collection egg are also saved by labor, and the eggs are delivered directly to the packaging table by the conveyor belt. Many of the heavy manual labor of the past can now be done by pressing the button, which not only makes poultry farming work simple and efficient, but also saves a lot of labor costs.
There is not only ventilation and cooling facilities in the chicken coop, but every few hours, it will automatically clean up the chicken manure, so there is no stink. In addition, after the poultry production automation, but also greatly reduces the manpower, and because the feed is not contact with people, directly on the machine, the prevalence of poultry decreased significantly, the better quality more secure, egg rate increased by 2% to 3%.
Automated poultry farming egg collection system eggs can be sent directly to this place by automatic egg transfer and then into automatic egg sorting and packaging equipment. Automatic cleaning, drying, sterilization, oil painting, crack detection, quality grading, etc. The whole production process will be automated and more refined, which is the development direction of poultry industry in the future.