Cheap H Type Layer Cages For Sale

We are the direct manufacturer and supplier which export the layer cages for near 17 years. What is layer cages? I believe that everyone already knows. In here, I will focus on telling you about the H type layer cages. The H-type layer cages can meet the basic biological behavior requirement of poultry birds. Now it is the most popular automatic layer cages with highest-level scientific technology and it represents the development orientation of large-scale and intensity for the poultry farming in China.

1. The H type chicken layer cages for sale from LIVI machinery have many features: 1.We use the electrostatic spraying treatment of the cage mesh, which could be used for 15~20 years, smooth surface decreases the egg breakage rate, the rate is about 0.5‰.

2.Automatic feeding, egg collecting and manure removing system can save energy and labor costs, less men intervention of the chicken shed also could keep a health environment for the chicken.

Amazing H Type Layer Cages For Sale

3.H-type equipment has a high density, which could feed more birds in the certain size of the land.

4.8~10 tiers could be done, one chicken shed could feed 100000 birds, which can  save labor costs, construction investment and management costs.

5.Considering the high density and large quantity of chicken in one shed, the chicken shed is better to be closed type. Automatic control of temperature and ventilation can meet the requirements ofthe birds.

Because the H type chicken layer cages has a special process of electrostatic spraying, you don’t have to worry about the rust or corrosion of the layer cage. Using powder electrostatic spraying and other new technology, The thickness of the coating is 100-300um, its surface is smooth and clean. Only need 1 time by using the epoxy powder coating to achieve the certain thickness. The coating has a better resistance to corrosion, acid, aging and high efficiency, suitable for automatic coating assembly line. The epoxy powder coating improves the working conditions and it’s environmental friendly without the extra polluted waste output.

H type layer cages for sale. If you have any doubt or want to get more information about the H type chicken layer cages, send e-mail to me, and I will reply you in the first time. Best wishes for you.