Cooperation with Ugandan Customers on Poultry Farming Projects

In July 2022, LIVI Machinery poultry equipment supplier and Ugandan customer reached a cooperation on poultry farming project. After a period of discussion, we finally determined the best solution.


The situation of The Customer’s Chicken Farm

The area of the chicken house is 102M*15M*3.5M.

Cage Type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/set.

Chicken Cage Layout: 4 rows/house, 47 units/row, 188 sets/house.

30,000 birds can be raised using A-type layer cages in Uganda.

And the customer also equipped the chicken house with automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection equipment, etc. Save manpower and material resources.

With these automatic poultry farming equipment. Customers make poultry an easy business. 2 people can manage 30,000 birds. It can be said to be the most modern way of poultry farming.

Customers Say About Our Company and Poultry Equipment

Customers mentioned that the use of fully automatic poultry farming equipment not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves the production efficiency of chicken farms. Customers also learned that the poultry equipment provided by LIVI Machinery has stable performance, reliable use and low failure rate. It has been unanimously praise by the majority of chicken farm users. So there is no doubt that I chose to purchase our company’s layer cage system.

After the contract is sign. Our company arranges engineers to guide the installation in time. During the installation process, the customer was full of praise for the on-site physical quality and the engineer’s technology, and reached the intention of long-term cooperation in the future.

Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment For Sale in South Africa

LIVI Machinery is a professional poultry equipment supplier in China. With 30 years of experience, we already have a professional team to arrange the best solution for different poultry farms. Products are exporte to more than 80 countries. Well received by customers. If you also want to join the poultry farming project, please contact us, we can escort your poultry farm.