Factory Directly Supplier Chicken Layer Cage For Sale

Why choice our chicken layer cages in your poultry farm?

1. Full set of chicken layer cages for sale adopt International Q235 material, good elasticity, not deformation, not flagging for life. Add electrostatic spraying, with the features of corrosion-resistant, and our chicken layer cages service life can keep up to 15-20 years. Electrostatic Spraying technology slove the questions about cold galvanized cage short life time and hot galvanized cage surface not smooth and more environmental.
2. Scientific design for the chicken layer cage can ease the fatigue degree of the chicken, increase the laying rate, Reasonable space arrangement, Make accident mortality of chicken in the layer cage is zero, damage rate of eggs is zero.

H type 5-tier layer cage

3. You can operate your poultry farm in automatic poultry management system, which also make the layer feeding system, drinking system, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system and other poultry management system, chicken layer cages for sale can effectively improve manpower and saving labor costs greatly. Using chicken layer cages can help your poultry farm achieved unprecedented scale of up to 10 high-density farming that can save land, and reduce construction investment and management costs, which are all suitable for enclosed poultry farm, automatic control of ventilation and temperature so that ensure the chicken coop environment more clean. This chicken layer cage for sale is easy to deliver and install for clients farming and making maintenance.

H type 3-tier layer cage

Livi machinery is a professional manufacturer of automatic chicken layer cages for poultry farm,We are committed to provide one stop services including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade to our customers in the fields of chicken farming.
Our pursuit of excellence is not only about the quality control of chicken layer cages for sale, but also the execution of system standard for the whole project. We ensure the accurate manufacturing of every single component and responsible for every customer.