Assembly Plan of Ghana H-Type Battery Cage for 35000 Broiler Chickens

The poultry industry in Ghana has witnessed significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for chicken meat. To meet this demand, poultry farmers are upgrading their operations by adopting modern farming practices and technologies. One of the key elements of a modern poultry farm is the use of broiler battery cages, which provide optimal conditions for chickens.

We will provide you with a detailed assembly plan for Ghana H type battery cages for 35,000 broiler chickens. This plan will help you properly assemble the cages to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

35000 Broiler Battery Cage

35000 Broiler Battery Cage Project Details

To assemble 35000 Ghana H type broiler battery cages, you will need the following materials and components:

  1. 35000 H type broiler battery cages
  2. Automatic feeding machine
  3. Automatic manure removing machine
  4. Automatic environment system
  5. Support posts and bases
  6. Nuts, bolts, and washers
  7. Assembly tools

Assembly process for the Ghana H-type battery cage system for 35000 broiler

The assembly process for the Ghana H-type battery cage system involves the following steps:

  1. Site Preparation

Determine the optimal location for the poultry house and prepare the ground by leveling and compacting it.
Ensure adequate ventilation, lighting, and access to water and electricity.

  1. Broiler Cage Installation

Assemble the cage frames and panels according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Place the cages in rows and tiers, ensuring proper alignment and spacing.
Secure the cages together with bolts and nuts.

  1. Automatic Feeding System Installation

Install the feed hoppers and water drinkers within the cages.
Connect the feed lines to the central feed supply system.
Adjust the feed levels and water flow rates as necessary.

  1. Automatic Manure Removal System Installation

Assemble and install the manure removal system according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Connect the conveyor belts or scrapers to the central manure collection system.
Ensure proper operation and adjust as required.

  1. Automatic Environmental Control System Installation

Install the temperature, humidity, and ventilation sensors within the chicken house.
Connect the sensors to the control panel and program the desired environmental parameters.
Monitor the system regularly and make adjustments as needed.

Ghana H type battery cage system for 35000 broiler chickens
Ghana H type battery cage system for 35000 broiler chickens

Benefits of Ghana H-Type Battery Cage System

Increased Space Utilization: The broiler cages provide optimal space allocation, allowing for higher stocking densities and efficient land utilization.
Improved Feed Conversion Ratio: Automatic feeding systems ensure consistent and controlled feed supply, reducing feed wastage and improving feed conversion.
Reduced Labor Costs: Automatic manure removal systems eliminate manual labor and significantly reduce operating expenses.
Increased Production Efficiency: The controlled environment and efficient feeding and watering systems maximize broiler growth rates and overall productivity.

Ghana H type battery cage system for 35000 broiler chickens
Ghana H type battery cage system for 35000 broiler chickens


The assembly plan outlined in this article provides a step-by-step guide for the installation and operation of the Ghana H type battery cage system for 35000 broiler chickens. By following this plan, poultry farmers can optimize their operations, enhance broiler productivity, and achieve greater profitability. The adoption of modern poultry equipment, such as battery cages, is essential for the sustainable and efficient growth of the poultry industry in Ghana.