China Supplier Layer Chicken Cages For Sale in Zimbabwe

With many years’ production experience, we can provide the high quality layer cages in Zimbabwe.

battery chicken cage for sale in Zimbabwe

Layer chicken cages Description

Layers battery cages in Zimbabwe can make full use of the space in the chicken house to raise a large number of poultry. Battery chicken cages are usually using in layer houses for poultry farming, because it provides convenience in improving poultry farming efficiency, upgrading farming methods, and makes poultry easier to manage.

We supply poultry battery egg cages to farms in Zimbabwe. Battery cage systems have a unique way of caring for poultry on farms in Zimbabwe. And it is profitable to adopt poultry equipment chicken cages to develop agricultural breeding.

Zimbabwe is definitely an ideal target market to start layer farming. With the help of layer cages, feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection and other tasks become easier. And poultry also have a comfortable environment to lay eggs with peace of mind.

Layers cages prices in zimbabwe for China supplier

Our chicken layer cages for sale in zimbabwe adopts international Q235 steel, all meshes are adopt electrostatic spraying process, so that chicken be hurt in the layer battery cages, and can create a comfortable environment for hens.

automatic battery layer chicken cage system for sale
Our battery layer cages also have many automatic systems, such as, automatic main feed line system, automatic pan feeding line system, automatic nipple drinking line system, automatic ventilation system, automatic cooling pad system, spraying and disinfection, environment control system, heater system.

Livi machinery is the professional battery chicken cages manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide the best layer battery cages for farmers all over the world. We have our own factory, so that we can guarantee the quality of the layer cages.

Our battery layer cages and other poultry cages have been exported to many countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Philippines, Costa Rica, Honduras, The USA and Canada,etc.

Livi machinery has the well-selected & experienced team of professionals and technicians from the field of Poultry automation. This is a very specialized sector catering to the needs of technology savvy & progressive poultry farmers. But we won’t stop our steps, the aim of us is to continuously upgrade the technique and equipment’s used by the Poultry farmer to help them achieve the best productivity.

What Cages we supply in zimbabwe?

Our layer cage system has become a hot selling poultry farming equipment in Zimbabwe. Mainly provide different types of battery layer cages for many poultry farming friends and have factory-like prices. In addition, it provides great help in improving egg production rate and handling chicken manure.

In addition, we also provide broiler chicken cages, layer baby chick cages, broiler baby chick cages and automation auxiliary equipment. If you want to know more about poultry farming equipment, please leave a message and we will have experts to answer for you.

What accessory we supply ?

set of battery chicken layer cages

– Nipple Drinker: 304 stainless steel ball, effective water control, 360-degree drinking. Long use time, simple disassembly, healthy and safe. More drinking fountain types for you to choose. We have many different types of drinking fountains for you to choose from.

– High-quality PVC trough, durable, corrosion-resistant, not easy to break

Carrying capacity: >60kgs/pcs, no falling off. We also have thicker galvanized metal feeders.

– Angle iron steel frame, size: 4x4cm, the surface can be electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized.

-Water tank: 12L, made of brand new pure raw PE material, strong toughness, anti-shedding, anti-compression, anti-aging.

-Voltage regulator: water pressure adjustment is sensitive, stable and reliable, and easy to maintain

Many customers visit us, checking factory

A type layer chicken cage of uganda poultry farm

A project designed by LIVI Machinery for a client in Uganda. According to customers, they prefer to install layer chicken cages in open chicken houses. Moreover, Uganda has a tropical grassland climate, and the annual average temperature is suitable for raising laying hens in an open environment.

Customers attach great importance to the quality of chicken cages, and we recommend high-quality Q235 international steel wire rod layer hen cage equipment. Sturdy and durable, it can be used for 20 years. Cage nets, frames, and troughs are all hot-dip galvanized. The supporting legs are made of galvanized steel.

According to the size of the chicken house, they installed and used A-type layer cages that they used in 2 rows and 4 layers, which are very spacious. As for chicken raising equipment, they chose automatic drinking water and feeding system, and automatic manure cleaning equipment.

If you have any question or are interested in our battery chicken layer cages in Zimbabwe, please feel free to send E-mail to, we are very glade to receive your email and we will solved your question about poultry cages. Finally, thanks for your reading.