The Best Modern Battery Poultry Cage Seller in Uganda

Poultry cage, or battery poultry cage is the featuring products and service of livi machinery. We’ve successfully promoted our battery poultry cage at cheapest price and highest quality to buy as well as other poultry-related products into many regions around the world, mainly export to Uganda. Our battery poultry cage is made from anti-corrosive material with long durability. The category of our battery poultry cage sellers in Uganda includes A type and H type poultry cage. Our battery poultry cage for sale is a ideal choice for the poultry farmers in Uganda.

A type battery poultry cage in Uganda is mainly applicable to medium-sized poultry farms in Uganda. Type A chicken cage has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, and the degree of automation can be matched by farmers to select automatic feeding, drinking water, dejecta cleaning, egg collection, environmental control, etc. This also means that A-type cages are cheaper than H-type cages. It can also meet the basic poultry breeding needs.

H-type chicken cage has a high degree of automation, so it can effectively reduce labor costs. According to the survey, only 2-3 people can manage a modern chicken house in Uganda with 30000 birds. The automated H-type poultry cage can maximize the space utilization rate of the chicken house to raise more birds, and finally improve the income of farmers.

No matter whether your breeding project is large or small, if you choose A-type cage or H-type cage to develop poultry breeding, we will provide you with the best poultry battery cage and the best chicken house solution.

chicken farming automatic battery cage

Our battery cage system of poultry farming advantages

You can trust our company, we adopt advanced technology from Europe and China, you can according to your needs and the actual situation to choice semi-automatic or fully automatic battery poultry cages, we can provide technical supports for poultry keeping and improving, LIVI Machinery with excellent farm design and build experience in Uganda.

Over 30 years since its establishment, we have more than 3000 farmers using our poultry cage system. We have a reliable poultry battery cage system. It also ensures that any poultry products produced by the factory are delivered to the highest quality standards.

Our battery cage has a good design in Uganda. Each bird has enough space to move in the cage. And it is easy to disinfect the chicken house. Automatic fecal cleaning equipment can separate poultry from feces, reduce infectious diseases and improve the survival rate of poultry.

LIVI Machinery is an outstanding poultry equipment supplier and manufacturer, providing optimal solutions for poultry breeding design, manufacturing and management. We know that it is important to have reliable partners in the poultry business. This is why in LIVI Machinery, we can make you worry free to provide solutions for your poultry breeding. As an experienced expert, we are committed to helping poultry farmers develop poultry breeding projects through customer-centric services and high-quality products.

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Layers chicken farming in Uganda

Laying hens are also popular in Uganda. Because eggs are considered organic, they are the first healthy choice for human body to obtain protein. And the layer breeding has a high rate of return on investment. You need to develop the laying hens breeding project as an operating enterprise, specify a comprehensive chicken breeding plan, and finally manage and sell it.

Moreover, the market prospect of laying hens raised in Uganda is good, and it does not require too much start-up capital, and the income is relatively fast. When you plan to raise 5000 birds, and when hens begin to lay eggs, your poultry farm will start to make profits little by little.

A large number of birds can be raised in the chicken house by using battery cages for laying hens. And it can realize automatic drinking, feeding, egg collection, defecation, environmental control, etc. Let poultry get good care and lay more eggs in a comfortable environment. Finally, it will bring more benefits to poultry farmers.

Successful installation case of battery poultry cages in Uganda

According to the customers’ requirement, we designed 3 rows waterline and 2 feeding line for our customers’ farm. The chicken shed size is: 100m* 8m* 3m(length* width* height), and the capacity in total can achieve to 12000 pullets. Our professional staff provided free chicken house design and installation guidance for Ugandan farmers. The customer received our battery cage and installed it in the built chicken cage. Our customer in Uganda is very satisfied for our battery poultry cages, and express that will maintain a close relationship with our livi machinery.

Up to now, our battery poultry cage has been operating safely in Uganda for 6 years. And the customer also introduced us to his friends. His friends bought 64 sets of A-type laying chicken cages here, and also carried out their own poultry breeding projects.

We sincerely hope our company can build up friendly trade relationships with customers worldwide. If you have any question or are interested in our battery poultry cage with lower price, please send email to, our staffs will provide you the information about battery poultry cages for sale in Uganda you want to know.