The application of complete automatic equipment for cascade poultry farming

Poultry production multi-layer cascading poultry complete automation farming equipment, widely used in poultry market began, some large farms began to use automatic breeding, to improve the breeding efficiency, and good use effect. Especially now on food safety, ecological environmental protection, land resources, poultry diseases, such as the requirements of more and more strict, more and more high, cascading poultry production equipment is the first choice for large-scale, intensive, automation equipment.

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The complete automation equipment of cascade poultry farming has the following characteristics, so it is favored by most farmers.
First of all, the cascade poultry breeding equipment occupies a small area, high spatial utilization rate, easy to realize intensive and large-scale feeding. Secondly, the utilization of poultry excrement is treated with stratification, so that the utilization rate of chicken manure is high and the environmental pollution rate is very small. Then, the cascade poultry farming equipment fully realized full automatic control, greatly reduced the operator, reduced labor intensity, and increased labor productivity. Finally, adopting a fully enclosed feeding mode is beneficial to prevent poultry infectious diseases, reduce energy consumption and ecological environment protection.
The process of feeding and material delivery is not required by in the complete set of automatic equipment for poultry breeding. The whole process is fully automatic.
The waterline is set in the middle of the top of each cage, and each cage has two water nipples for the poultry to drink on the left and right sides.
The automatic egg collecting system is an important part of a complete set of automatic equipment for laying hens. In the collection process, any link can affect the high and low egg rate. In order to achieve the best effect of the whole egg collection process, we set up the soft broken egg removal device on the automatic set egg equipment, which greatly saved the manpower and the broken egg rate.
Automatic ventilation cooling system is the basic project to realize multi-layer cascade poultry farming. Due to the use of fully enclosed chicken coop, the indoor climate is completely controlled by the automatic ventilation and cooling system. If ventilation cooling system is not allowed, it will affect poultry production efficiency.
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