The classification and advantages of poultry farming layer chicken cages

Poultry farming layer cages are also called laying hen cages. In recent years, with the popularity of laying hen farming projects, poultry farming chicken cage equipment has also become an indispensable hot-selling product.

Poultry layer cages are suitable for hot-dip galvanized wire cages for chickens. They are mainly used in poultry houses to facilitate the management of hens and eggs laid by hens. Layer chicken cages in medium-sized chicken houses are usually 3 or 4 tiers. Poultry farming friends can easily collect eggs even without using automatic egg collection equipment.

A type layer chicken cage


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Layer cages classification

Manual layer chicken cages are suitable for poultry houses with 5000-15000 birds. Because it only has automatic drinking water equipment, the degree of automation is low. If the number of breeding is large, it is recommended to add automation equipment. It is mainly composed of cage pieces, cage nets, support frames, water pipes, drinking nipples, food troughs, etc. Easy to install and easy to operate, it is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized farmers.

Battery cages for laying hen can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, environmental control, egg collection and other equipment to achieve fully automatic control and reduce labor. Due to the high degree of automation, it is suitable for poultry farms of more than 30,000.

automatic battery layer chicken cage system for sale


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4 tier poultry layer cages are the most popular poultry equipment for poultry farming friends. It can hold more layers. It has a perfect design to accommodate more chickens, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs, and facilitate the management of more chickens in one house. Finally, get more profit from farming.

How many chickens can be placed in a layer cage?

Layer cages come in a variety of sizes. Layer cages consist of 24 nests – 12 per side, across 2 sides. This means you can house 96 to 160 chickens in a single tier cage unit. It would be wise for a new poultry farmer or egg producer to stock an appropriate number of chickens from each cubicle so that the chickens have access to a clean water source and more importantly don’t cause unnecessary crowding.

Each door in the laying hen cage should preferably have a space of 450 square centimeters, so that it will not cause crowding in a suitable breeding density, and each chicken can also carry out activities. And the ideal height of the poultry cage for chickens is 40 cm, which should account for 65% of the entire cage height.

Advantages of  Layer Chicken Cages

So what’s the advantage of being popular of layer chicken cage in the poultry market now, we can continue to understand.

The first,layer of chicken cage mesh is smooth, to prevent the infection of the foot of the poultry. The cage and the bottom encryption, can effectively prevent the production of chicken fatigue syndrome.

Second, the chicken cage net plate galvanized, improve the service life of the equipment. High-density breeding and saving land is about 50% less than that of free-range breeding.

Three, eggs laid by caged hens contain the same amount of fat and protein as eggs laid by hens in other rearing systems.

Then, the poultry farming layer cages centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of avian diseases, unique cage door design, effectively prevents the head up and down to waste feed when the chicken is gathering food.

Fifth, reduce cannibalism and harmful feather pecking behavior among laying hens. Feather pecking does not occur between cozy flocks

Finally, the cage can be adjusted according to the size of the site and can be equipped with automatic drinking water system and other automatic equipment.

Layer Chicken Cage Project In Ghana


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high-quality layer chicken cages for sale

Running a poultry house with layer cages, regardless of the price of the layer cages, requires the same basic principles as poultry farming. Just because layer cages make certain aspects of laying eggs easier doesn’t mean the basic principles of heat, cold, disease and proper care go away. Layer cages and battery cages are manufactured in South Africa. Quality, size and delivery location all affect the cost of layer cages and the price of layer cages.

When purchasing laying hen cage equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing a poultry cage equipment manufacturer with rich experience. This ensures that the quality of the cage and equipment you receive is guaranteed.

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