Why Nigerian customers use modern broiler cage equipment

Why do Nigerian customers use modern broiler cage equipment? And what are the benefits of using modern broiler cage equipment?

We all know that modern broiler cage equipment can increase the number of chickens. It can also reduce the land area. It further increases the profitability of farmers. At the same time, many people use modern broiler equipment to raise chickens in Nigeria. It can fulfill the requirements of intensive and large-scale breeding of the chicken industry.

Broiler cage raising equipment is used to raise broilers. If you want to expand the scale of breeding in the later stage, you can also configure some automated chicken breeding equipment to form an automated breeding. Automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, wet curtain cooling and other equipment can be used in conjunction. Centralized management, automatic control, save energy consumption, reduce artificial feeding costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of breeding.



Broilers are raised in broiler cages. Since all broilers are raised in cages, they have little contact with feces and the outside world, which can effectively prevent infectious diseases. Chicken manure is not in contact with chickens, and the automatic cleaning of the conveyor belt can make the chickens grow stronger, provide a clean and warm growth environment for the chickens, and the slaughter time is much earlier.

Broiler cage breeding equipment adopts a multi-layer three-dimensional breeding mode, which can make full use of the air area of ​​the chicken coop, and then raise more chickens, which greatly increases the breeding density of chickens. The cage breeding density is more than 3 times higher than the flat breeding density.

Broiler cage equipment is used for caged chickens. Chickens are all grown and fed in cages. They have a relatively small space for movement, so the amount of exercise will be greatly reduced, and the natural energy consumption will also be relatively small, so some feed expenditures can be reduced. Data show that cage culture can effectively save more than 25% of the cost of breeding.

See so many advantages above. Have you not considered using broiler cage equipment to raise chickens? Besides, our technology is more advanced. Purchasing a set of equipment can use 15-20 years of greatly improved breeding efficiency.