Amazing advantages of using battery cage system in poultry 

The battery cage system is a cost effective and most commercially farmed way of raising poultry. Because it saves space and feed. In addition, chickens are separated from manure, so cages reduce the spread of disease and the risk of infection. Moreover, the battery cage system for poultry farming can save the investment cost in the poultry farming business.

If you want to venture into a poultry farm with a large number of birds but limited space, then you should consider battery cage systems. The battery cages are A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages. You can choose the most suitable product for you in these two types of battery chicken cages.

If you plan to keep your birds in battery cage system in poultry, read on to learn about the advantages of battery cage system in poultry: 

battery cage system in poultry

1. Raising more chickens in battery cages

The battery cage system can accommodate more chickens in a limited space without changing the size of the chicken house. For example, if a house can hold 1000 chickens on the floor, it can hold as little as 3000 chickens if battery cages are using.

This means poultry farmers can save costs and make the most of the limited space available. There are different types of cages available to poultry farmers: A-type chicken cage and H-type battery cages. There are 3, 4, 5 and 6 tiers and even 10 tiers of chicken farming cages for farmers to choose. All of these cages have their own holding capacity. One cage unit can hold 90-240 birds, depending on cage design or build.

2. The chickens grow healthy of poultry farming cage system

Unlike ground rearing, chickens raised in battery cage systems are healthier because the birds have no room to lie in puddles or compete for feeders and drinkers.

In addition, the poultry farming cages are stacked in tiers, and the manure falls from the cages to the cesspit or the receiving plate for uniform cleaning and cleaning, forming a separation between the poultry and the manure, thereby promoting the health of the chickens. Another plus is that you can easily identify bad producers and underperforming birds and isolate the poor ones.

More importantly, the automatic manure cleaning equipment can clean the manure out of the chicken house. You can dry sell your chickens manure, which will not only increase your income, but also make your farm a clean and green system.

3. Save labor costs and reduce expenses

When you have battery cage system in poultry, you can save a lot of money on hiring labor, paying rent, and providing other husbandry necessities.

Much less labor is required if you use automatic poultry feeding system, automatic poultry drinking system and poultry manure removal system. The automatic poultry egg collection system allows the eggs to roll out of the cage automatically, making it easy to pick eggs. Thus, it saves time on egg picking and other management.

At this point, your farm only needs one supervisor or egg picker. Because automatic poultry farm equipment has been arranged

Poultry farmers only need to pour food and water in designated areas. This reduces the pressure on the farmer and will minimize the need to employ many workers for the poultry farm. In the long run, poultry farming can be more rewarding for poultry farmers.

battery chicken cages

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4. High egg production rate

Hens living in layer chicken cages do not compete for food because food is plentiful. In this way, the nutritional intake of the flock is balanced and the development is normal, which can ensure the stable and high yield of laying hens.

Good ventilation conditions can make full use of natural conditions and create conditions for improving the feeding environment of chickens.

The egg production rate of laying hens is affected by feeding and management factors. The environment in the chicken house directly affects the production performance of the chickens. Control the temperature and humidity within an appropriate range to meet the minimum ventilation requirements, and do a good job in the management and control of harmful gases and dust in the chicken house.

5. Easier to obtain clean eggs with layer chicken cages.

One of the important features of layer cage system is the ability to produce clean eggs. Because the eggs produced by the hens fall directly on the bottom net, due to the inclined angle at the bottom of the chicken cage, the eggs will roll out from the inside. In addition, the chickens in the layer cage do not come into contact with the manure, which also ensures the cleanliness of the eggs.

Seriously, when customers prefer clean eggs over eggs covered in chicken manure. First off, seeing chicken droppings on eggs annoys most buyers. Second, when those chicken droppings dry on the eggshells, they can harbor bacteria. These bacteria may enter and contaminate human food when the eggshells are cracked.

So, to avoid producing dirty eggs that customers don’t like, it’s time to switch to battery cage system.

6. Poultry cage systems prevent feed waste

Feed costs account for 60% to 70% of the total cost of chicken production. In the current situation where the price of feed remains high and the profit of raising chickens is low, reducing feed waste is particularly important for reducing production costs, increasing chicken farm income and improving economic benefits.

While battery cages protect birds and have other benefits, they also help poultry farmers minimize feed spillage when feeding their chickens. This is possible because the cage is design with standard fittings for food and water. What’s even more interesting is that the feeding accessory holds exactly the amount of feed the bird needs on a daily basis.

This means you can adequately measure the feed consumption rate of your poultry. Additionally, you can estimate the amount of feed each bird will need to achieve your desired listing size and weight.

battery chicken cages

7. Providing feed and water is easy

Automatic poultry drinking equipment and automatic feeding equipment provide sufficient feed and clean water for birds in battery cages.

The feed can be easily place in the trough in front of the chicken battery cages, and there is no need to worry about the chance of stress response and being peck by hungry and impatient chickens. It can also effectively avoid stepping on the chickens when the chickens are crowded and the feeders cannot settle down to provide feed and water when feeding the chickens.

The water pipes are installed inside the cages on each floor, and there are two drinking nipples in each cage door. One drinking nipple can supply drinking water for 4-6 birds. And this way the water is clean and plentiful. Birds have access to drinking water at all times. And the automatic poultry drinking water system is called the most ideal drinking water equipment by many people.

8. Battery chicken cages make poultry management easy

The battery chicken cages have a reasonable design. The bottom of the cage is made of grid mesh, the size of the mesh can not only make the animal’s feet firmly on the ground, but also ensure that the feces can fall smoothly to the bottom, so as to achieve an ideal breeding environment and animal health. In this way, for the farmers, the poultry not only grows closer to health, but also helps to observe the situation of the poultry.

Chickens live in stacked poultry cages, and farmers can control the drinking water, feeding, and manure cleaning of poultry. The lives of poultry are better taken care of. And the automatic climate control system can adjust the temperature and humidity of the chicken house by itself. Poultry can grow and lay more eggs in a comfortable environment.

9. Long battery cage life and suitable for all breeds

The best hot-dip galvanized chicken cages on the market have a service life of about 20 years. They are galvanized to avoid rust and thus last longer.

All breeds or types of chickens can be housed in cages. Battery cages can use to raise layers, broilers, chicks and breeders without affecting production. Use a battery cage to help maintain and improve production performance.

10. Intensive farming carried out in battery chicken cages brings more benefits

It is no secret that using stacked chicken cages to develop poultry farming projects can make a lot of money. So what exactly is it?

The living environment of poultry in battery chicken cages is relatively stable, and the temperature, humidity, and light are well controll. In Africa, the temperature can be controlled at about 27 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for poultry growth.

Lighting can mimic sunrise and sunset, giving the birds plenty of time to eat.

Therefore, chickens in battery cages are less affected by wind, cold and heat. There is no shortage of food or water. Coupled with scientific management, the chickens lay eggs evenly throughout the year, and the egg production performance is stable. Farmers will have more income.

battery layer cage in poultry farm

Tips for choosing the right battery chicken cages

Chicken cages come in a variety of structures and configurations. A-type chicken cages are generally 3 or 4 tiers, stacked tier by tier. In this way, the manure of each tier can easily slide to the manure ditch. The H-type chicken cage has a higher degree of automation and is more suitable for large-scale farms, because it can have up to 10 floors, which is more space-efficient than the A-type chicken cage. There is a manure cleaning belt on each floor, which can centrally clean the manure out of the chicken house.

No matter what type of cage it is, it is suitable for layer, broilers, chicks, etc. You can choose according to the scale of farming and your preferences.

If you have fewer than 3,000 chickens, we recommend that you only purchase battery cages. It is worth mentioning that the poultry can drink from an automatic supply of water, but personnel are required to feed the chickens, clean up the manure and collect the eggs.

If you have 5,000 – 15,000 chickens, automatic poultry manure removal equipment and automatic poultry feeding equipment can use if the budget allows. Maintain the sanitation of the house and reduce the possibility of poultry disease by timely removal of manure. The use of automatic feeding equipment can greatly improve the efficiency of chicken feeding. It can feed 15,000 chickens in half an hour, reducing manpower and material resources.

If you have 15,000-30,000 chickens, battery chicken cages, automatic poultry feeding equipment, automatic poultry manure cleaning equipment, and automatic poultry egg collection equipment are necessary. The flat-belt manure removal is the most efficient and clean. The chicken manure is uniformly clean out of the chicken house for drying, which not only protects the environment, but also provides an additional source of income. The automatic poultry egg collection equipment is installed in the chicken coop, which is very convenient and can reduce the egg breaking rate while saving more time and labor costs.

If your number of chickens is 50,000, you may need to install fully automatic poultry equipment, including battery cage systems, automatic poultry feeding equipment, automatic poultry manure cleaning equipment, automatic poultry egg collection equipment, and automatic poultry environmental control equipment. If your operation is larger than 50,000 chickens, you will need feed silos. For less than 50,000 birds, you only need one screw conveyor to move the food to the hopper. If you want to build an enclosed poultry house design, you need to know that exhaust fans and cooling pads are necessary environmental control equipment items.

Poultry equipment manufacturers and customers

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