90 Birds Battery Cage System for Layers

Battery Cage System for Layers for Sale

Today, I will introduce you to livi machinery battery cage system for layers.

Our layers battery cage system are divided into two types: we usually call them A type chicken battery cages and H type battery cages. Battery cages system for layers in livi machinery consist of cage meshes, water pipes, drinking nipples, troughs and other accessories. The hen cage contains the top of the cage, the bottom of the cage, the grid, and the cage door.

Our hot sale 90 bird battery cage for laying hens. It is a professional production of cages for raising chickens. 3 tiers 90 birds battery layer cage has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, and is very suitable for small and medium-sized farmers.

90 birds layer hen cage system with water price at livi machinery poultry cage manufacturers here. It is also welcomed by more and more national farmers. One of the reasons is that this kind of chicken cage takes up less space, is cleaner, and is easier to operate and manage the laying hens. The other one is that our poultry layer cages can increase the laying rate to 98%.

battery chicken cage for sale in Zimbabwe

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Introduction of our battery cages system for layers:

Our battery cage system in poultry conveniently holds 90 birds at a more affordable price. It guarantees maximum production for your layers. It also comes with feeders and water tanks.

The modern method of raising layer hens is the cage system. This system has proven that layers perform better in terms of health and egg production. Poultry cage systems are a great solution for both small and large poultry farmers.

Specifications: a layer of 1.95 meters long, 35 cm wide, 38 cm high, a cage have five position. Each cage can raise about 15 laying hens. There are 6 cages in each group, and each group can raise 90 chickens.

Our whole battery cages of poultry farming all made of Q235 international steel wire, it is durable and has strong anti-corrosion function. The battery cages system for layers guarantees users to use for more than 15 years.

Most of the customer’s always choice of battery cages system for layers as long * weight * high = 195m * 35m * 38m, 3 tiers chicken layer battery cages are weighing 45KG. One cage have five doors and one door can hold three chickens.

If the customer chooses the scraper manure removal machine, I suggest that the three – tier manure trench is 1.8 meters wide, if it is four – tier, I suggest the manure trench is two meters. In addition, you can also choose other size of battery cages system for layers, such as the specification is long * weight * high = 195m * 45m * 41m, the three-layer weight 54KG, one cage is also with five doors, one door can hold 4 chickens, equal to one cage to raise 5 chickens.

If you choose this kind of battery cages, the three-tier manure layer cage is recommended to be 2 meters, the span is wide, and the upper tier of chicken manure will not fall to the lower layer chicken.

automatic battery layer chicken cage system for sale

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Performance of battery cage system in poultry farm:

The battery poultry cage system is one of the farmers’ favorite equipment in the chicken farm. Poultry can get plenty of water and food in cages. The 90pcs battery cage system for laying hen is worth the money in the farm, because it maximizes space utilization and becomes the best chicken cage for farmers.

  1. Galvanized low-carbon steel wire has strong tensile and compressive properties, and is not easy to bend.
  2. It is convenient to observe the growth of hens and distinguish the laying conditions of laying hens.
  3. Automatic timing cleaning of manure, effectively reducing the disease infection rate and mortality of laying hens.
  4. Three layers of 90 laying hen cages are easier to pick up eggs.
  5. The feeding amount per unit area of chickens is increased by 50%-100%.
  6. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, so that the water supply of each nipple drinker can be evenly distributed to ensure sufficient drinking water for poultry.

Chicken farm with 90 birds battery cage system for layers

chicken layer cages with lower price

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The 90 birds battery layer cages for sale offered by livi have good performance in poultry farms. The battery chicken cage system used by our customers for egg production has received a good response, because the farmer’s eggs get the maximum yield. Below is a 10,000 bird battery cage system for laying hen on poultry farm in Ghana using 90 birds chicken cages.

Farmers will be able to make money from their poultry business by using battery layer cages, as its biggest advantage is that it can increase egg production rate up to 98%. Besides, with battery cage of poultry farming, it is very easy to dispose of chicken manure and reduce disease transmission. The 90 birds battery chicken cages are popular among farmers for its good quality and can bring revenue.

Farmers who purchase cages from our livi machinery have a good track record in their poultry farming business. We supply various types of poultry cages: battery layer cages, battery broiler cages, egg brooder cages, meat brooder cages, etc. Our Poultry Equipment battery cage systems are all engineered for seamless feeding, simple and clean egg collection, and easy management of the entire cage.

If you are interested in livi battery cages system for layers or other poultry farming equipment, you can send e – mail to me, and i will answer your question immediately.