30000 birds chicken cage system exported to Uganda

Date: September 2023

Recently, as a professional poultry equipment supplier, our company successfully shipped a batch of high-quality chicken cage systems to customers in Uganda.

Specific delivery details are as follows:

1.268 sets of A-type 4-tier layer chicke cages, cage parameters 1950mm*410mm*450mm; used to raise 32,000 birds.

2. Complete automated feeding system

3. Automated egg collection system

4. Automated manure cleaning system

5. Automated climate control system

Our chicken cage system in Uganda is manufactured using advanced design concepts and high-quality materials, with a solid structure, durability and reliability. The system has a scientific space layout to maximize the comfort and production efficiency of the chickens. At the same time, the automatic feeders and waterers equipped in the system can ensure that the chickens receive adequate feed and clean drinking water, providing good conditions for their healthy growth.

Our professional team ensures the normal operation of the chicken cage system through careful installation and debugging. Whether it is meticulous construction or perfect performance of equipment, they all represent our strict requirements for quality and fulfillment of our commitment to customers.

As a major agricultural country in Africa, Uganda’s poultry breeding industry has huge development potential. The introduction of our chicken cage system will help local farmers improve breeding efficiency, improve the production environment, and open up a broader market space for them.

If you also want to develop a poultry farming project, please do not hesitate to contact us.