Zambian farmers use breeding equipment to increase chicken survival rate

Many Zambian farmers use breeding equipment to increase the survival rate of chickens. The survival rate of chickens is the key to determining the economic benefits of farmers. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the survival rate of chickens in the chicken coop. So how should it be managed?

The first thing to do is to raise chickens in strict accordance with the breeding standards. The laying hen breeding equipment, chicken coop and some feed nutrition work in the hen house must be done well. Only in this way can the chicken grow up healthily. Lay a foundation for the chickens in adulthood.


Then it is to control the environment of the chicken coop. The chickens are kept in chicken coops. The action remains the same. In many cases, feed, feces, sewage, dust and other dirt will contaminate the chicken house. Failure to clean up in time will affect the health of the chicken. Therefore, the sanitary environment in the chicken house must be controlled. Clean the chicken coop in time. Clean up chicken manure and disinfect the chicken house. When feeding, it is necessary to add less frequent feeding in order to improve the utilization rate of feed and reduce the waste of feed.




Although battery layer cage equipment can increase the breeding density of chickens. But we cannot raise too many chickens when we raise them. This will burden the chicken coop. It will also cause an imbalance in the growth and development of the chicken coop and affect development. So don’t think about raising more chickens and neglect the proper density.


 In order to avoid the occurrence of disease. Farmers need to clean and disinfect daily. And drug prevention. Bacterial diseases and parasitic diseases that are prevalent in spring mainly include colibacillosis, salmonellosis, chronic respiratory diseases, coccidiosis, etc., and the occurrence of these diseases is largely related to age and environmental changes, which require different To develop different medication prevention procedures.


The above are some of the key points about improving the survival rate of chickens. If you are interested in our products, you can send us an email. We will solve your problems online 24 hours a day.