Popular Chicken layer cages in Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwe’s appetite for chicken products grows stronger by the day, the poultry business has emerged as a promising avenue for a new stream of income. With chicken being a staple food source for the Zimbabwean people, the demand for these feathered friends is soaring high. To meet this demand and ensure successful layer chicken rearing, proper housing is paramount.

Enter the game-changer: Chicken layer cages – the preferred choice of Zimbabwe’s forward-thinking farmers. These cages offer an environment that is carefully curated to support the controlled growth of layer hens. With every passing day, more and more Zimbabweans are discovering the undeniable advantages of high-quality chicken layer cages.

Join the movement towards success in Zimbabwe’s booming poultry industry. Discover the power of providing your layer chickens with the ideal growing environment, boosting productivity and ensuring the highest standards of bird welfare. Our top-of-the-line chicken layer cages are the key to unlocking the full potential of your poultry venture.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and unmatched quality with our premium chicken layer cages. Elevate your poultry business to new heights and take your rightful place in the thriving Zimbabwean chicken industry. Your success story begins here.

Discover the Perfect Layer Cages for Sale in Zimbabwe!

Meet Mr. Sylvester, our esteemed customer in Zimbabwe, who had ambitious plans to expand his poultry venture with 10,000 layer chickens. With a clear understanding of his requirements, we wasted no time in recommending our top-notch A type 4-tier layer chicken cages – the ultimate choice for optimal productivity.

Each cage comfortably houses 160 birds in a harmonious group, ensuring maximum comfort and space utilization. To further enhance efficiency, we advised integrating chicken manure scrapers and a gantry automatic chicken feeding machine – a winning combination for streamlined operations.

For his new poultry haven, the chicken house, we suggested dimensions of approximately 50 meters in length, 12 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height – the perfect space for his thriving flock. Delighted with our thoughtful solution, Mr. John wasted no time in placing an order for 63 sets of A type 4-tier layer chicken cages, sealing our partnership.

As a token of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provided Mr. Sylvester with a comprehensive and complimentary egg chicken cages scheme, tailor-made to suit his needs. Our timely delivery of the layer cages exceeded his expectations, leaving him highly impressed with the quality, corrosion resistance, and reasonable price – the trifecta of excellence!

A trust bridge now firmly connects us, as Mr. Sylvester recognizes LIVI as his go-to destination for all his poultry equipment needs. Don’t miss the chance to join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the LIVI difference. Elevate your poultry business to new heights with our unbeatable layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe. Trust us to take your success to the next level!

The advantages of LIVI chicken layer cages

Our chicken layer cages have two types, including A&H-type layer chicken cages. The A type layer cage suits medium-scale and small-scale farms; the H type layer cage is given to larger scale and more intensive poultry farms.

1. We use Q235 steel to conduct the layer cage, which the wire diameter is 3.6mm, more thick than other suppliers.

2. The layer chicken cages are made of hot-dip galvanized plates and wires, exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance and 15-20 years lifespan.  

3. With automatic feeding, automatic water, automatic egg collecting and manure removing characters, saving energy and labor costs.

4. The newly designed feed through largen the opening it, which can help to save feed costs, the feed quantity provided to layers can be adjusted.

5. Automatic equipment can save labor costs and increase working efficiency, easy to use and maintain.

layer battery cage in chicken farm

Why choose LIVI layer chicken cages?

LIVI Machinery is a professional poultry equipment supplier. In order to meet your different needs, we can also provide automatic equipment for your poultry farm, such as automatic drinking equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic environmental control system, etc. You can make matching selections according to the size of the poultry farming project.

Our chicken layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe have won the best reputation and credit for our client, who purchased a complete chicken layer cage system for his poultry farm. Choose LIVI Machinery and we will give you high quality chicken layer cages and the best services.