The importance of automated poultry farming equipment

In recent years, with the advancement of environmental policies across the farming also face new challenges, the current poultry farming chicken cages automation equipment has entered the rapid development of the chicken breeding industry upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent system to complete the equipment, and complete sets of equipment application technology bottleneck is the major problem of laying hens that plagues most scale enterprise, the solution of these problems is not achieved overnight, need poultry equipment manufacturers and farming enterprise close cooperation and exchange, make the coop farming equipment is more suitable for the need of modern poultry farming production.
Automatic poultry farming chicken equipment generally is a whole, made up of different parts, and these parts are very important, if the lack of a part of, can’t chicken equipment is complete. Its main components are mainly poultry drinking water and feeding system, the collection egg system, automatic manure removal system, etc., especially for automatic poultry equipment, these four are very important, necessary too little.
Now generally large and medium-sized farming laying hens, farmers will purchase intelligent the collection eggs machine, use the egg collection equipment can reduce the labor of farmers, increase the labor efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.
Poultry farming automatic feeding equipment, driving feeding equipment economy, simple, feed evenly, suitable for poultry market. The chain feeding equipment is suitable for the feeding speed, chicken group stress and feed waste control.
Use of poultry farming drinking water equipment in the nipple drinking fountains equipped with drinking glasses, because this will prevent the chicken when drinking water to wet feathers, but note that the sipping cups to regular cleaning, prevent bacterial growth. The water tank in the middle of the chicken coop is mainly used for the replacement of the nipple, and it should be cleaned regularly.
Poultry farming automatic manure removal equipment is an important device to solve all the year round to get rid of the poultry excrement, improve the speed of breeding clean up the device, reduce time in the personnel in such environment and better improve the working environment.
For the development of large-scale poultry farming, advanced modern poultry farming equipment is indispensable. However, it is important to note that the advanced breeding facilities and equipment have different performance characteristics and must be matched with the different production methods, objectives and scale of the aquaculture enterprises. Our company according to the needs of each user to recommend the corresponding breeding facilities, introduces the performance and characteristics of the equipment, development and production of the automation of breeding equipment to achieve the scientific and reasonable, give full play to the farming equipment in the process of breeding has the bigger role.