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Livi machinery not only provides its customers with automated poultry raising equipment, but also provide various automatic management system, such as poultry drinking water equipment, egg collecting system, ventilation systempoultry manure removal system and egg processing equipment. livi machinery is the best poultry farming equipment supplier and manufacturer. Livi machinery automatic poultry farming equipment supplier with high quality, long life, health, reduce water, feed waste, environmental protection, cost savings. Livi automatic poultry farming equipment is a high quality, cost-effective product. Welcome to visit our factory in China.

For many years, Livi machinery as one of the most professional poultry farming equipment manufactures in the world. We try to meet every customers demands better all the time. Our poultry farming equipment supplier has warmly welcomed by our clients from different countries like South Africa, America, Nigeria, Russia, India etc. Welcome you to come to China and visit our factory. We will provide you with best services.


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