Modern Chicken Cages for Sale in Nigeria With High Quality

Our chicken cages for sale in Nigeria is used Q235 international steel, strong and sturdy, convenient transportation and installation; Cage net all use electrostatic spraying process surface treatment technology, especially apply to the local hot and humid climate environment. Electrostatic spraying process with strong anti-corrosion effect and smooth surface of the cage after spraying, no damage to chickens. So, the service life of our chicken cages for sale in Nigeria can up to 15~20 years.

With state of the art facilities,powerful R & D team and rigorous quality management system, livi machinery has owned undoubtedly the strength to become your preferred partner to build modern automated poultry farms. In addition, we have an experienced,quick-response project team which helps customers with poultry farm location planning,chicken house design and construction and equipment installation as well as provides product upgrade and free technical consulting services.

Due to the strong technical strength, livi machinery become the best manufacturer and supplier of chicken cages for sale in Nigeria, and exported to all over the world, mainly export to Nigeria.

chicken cages for sale in Nigeria
Successful install case of chicken cages for sale in Nigeria:

Because the poultry farm of our customer in Nigeria is 121m long, we designed 4 tiers and 3 rows of chicken battery cages.
The customer use 3 rows 4 tiers chicken cage system. Poultry farm size length * width * height = 121 * 12.5 * (1.6 + 1.6) m. Lower level of 1.6 meters for concrete structure, the upper for steel structure. So the chicken manure can fall into the bottom of the ground directly, no chicken manure pollution.
The whole poultry farm can feed 31,800 chicken use chicken cages for sale and other full automatic equipment.
The 3 row3 4 tiers equipment, each row 53 sets, a total of 159 sets, each set can feed 200 hens. The customers choice to use automatic chicken feeding system and chicken drinking rearing system, with automatic egg collecting system, so that can further improvement the work efficiency and enhance the incomes.
If you want get more information about our chicken cages for sale in Nigeria, please send e – mail to me and I will answer your question.