Looking For Commercial Broiler Cage For About 10000 Chickens

20 Years Lifetime Commercial Broiler Cage for 10000 chickens

Commercial broiler cages are meticulously engineered to provide optimal bird health, productivity, and ease of management. Constructed from high-quality materials and featuring robust construction, our cages withstand the rigors of intensive poultry farming, ensuring a lifespan of up to 20 years. The durable design minimizes maintenance requirements and offers a cost-effective solution for poultry farmers seeking long-term investment.

our cages incorporate features that promote natural behaviors and reduce stress. The spacious cages provide ample room for movement, preventing overcrowding and promoting uniform growth. Nests and perches are included to cater to the birds’ nesting and roosting instincts.

Additionally, our commercial broiler cages are designed with biosecurity in mind. The elevated design and smooth surfaces facilitate thorough cleaning and disinfection, minimizing the risk of disease transmission. The cages also allow for easy inspection of birds, enabling early detection of health issues and prompt treatment.

20 Years Lifetime Commercial Broiler Cage for 10000 chickens
20 Years Lifetime Commercial Broiler Cage for 10000 chickens

Why Use Commercial Broiler Cage System in 10000 chickens?

Increased Bird Density:

Our multi-tiered cage system maximizes the use of available space, allowing farmers to house more birds in a smaller area.
Increased bird density leads to higher production efficiency and optimal utilization of resources.

Efficient Feeding and Watering:

Automated feeding and watering systems ensure a consistent supply of feed and water to all birds.
Minimized labor requirements and optimized feed and water consumption.

Enhanced Hygiene and Sanitation:

Elevated cages allow droppings to fall directly into manure belts or pits, reducing waste buildup and the risk of disease outbreaks.
Regular cleaning and sanitation practices are facilitated by the easy access to all parts of the cages.

Simplified Bird Management:

Easy access to birds enables efficient health monitoring, vaccination, and culling.
Transportation and catching of birds during processing are simplified due to the cage design.

Broiler House Plans for 10000 Chickens 

The H-Type 4 Tier broiler cage is constructed using international Q235 bridge-steel and has undergone an aluminum-zinc alloy and hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment process. This treatment ensures a lifespan of 20 years. The cage’s dimensions are 1050mm800mm420mm, and it is certified by ISO 9001, SONCAP, and CE.

H-Type 4 Tier broiler cage
H-Type 4 Tier broiler cage

What is the design and layout of commercial chicken cage for raising 10,000 broilers? The broiler cage layout consists of 2 rows per house, with 37 sets per row and a total of 74 sets per house. This layout maximizes the use of space while ensuring easy access to the chickens. The size of the chicken house is 44 meters in length, 8 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height. And the broiler house total capacity of one chicken house is 10,064 birds.This design allows for proper ventilation and temperature control, ensuring optimal conditions for broiler growth.

Each H-type 4-tier broiler cage system has a single door and can accommodate 136 birds, resulting in a total capacity of 10,064 birds per chicken house. This design optimizes bird density while providing sufficient space for movement and comfort. The layout and cage design allow for efficient feeding, watering, and manure removal systems, maximizing productivity and minimizing labor requirements.

Project of Commercial Broiler Cage for 10000 chickens

“I’ve been using the commercial broiler cage for 10000 chickens for over three years now, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Before switching to this cage system, I faced challenges with overcrowding, disease outbreaks, and poor feed conversion rates.

Since implementing the broiler cage system, I’ve seen significant improvements in my flock’s health and productivity. The cages provide ample space for each bird, reducing stress and the risk of disease transmission. The automated feeding and watering systems ensure that my chickens have constant access to fresh feed and water, optimizing their growth and feed utilization.

commercial broiler cage for 10000 chickens
commercial broiler cage for 10000 chickens

One of the key benefits of the broiler cage system is the improved hygiene. The droppings fall through the cages, keeping the birds clean and dry, which reduces the incidence of footpad lesions and other health issues. This also makes it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in the chicken house.

The broiler cage system has also made it easier to monitor and manage poultry. I can easily inspect each bird for signs of illness or injury, and the individual cages allow me to isolate sick birds quickly, preventing the spread of disease.

Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with the commercial broiler cage for 10,000 chickens. It has helped me increase my productivity, improve the health of my broiler, and reduce labor costs. I would highly recommend this cage system to any broiler farmer looking to improve their operations.”

The successful implementation of the commercial broiler cage system allowed the farmer to increase production efficiency and profitability. The farmer highly recommended LIVI products and services to other poultry farmers.