High Quality Automated Chicken Layer Cages for Sale

Automated chicken layer cages includes seven major systems: cage system, egg collection system, drinking water system, feeding system, cleaning system, environmental control system, and epidemic disinfection system. It can be said that all the daily needs of chickens are Satisfied in the Chicken layer cages for sale.

Chicken layer cages are divided into type A type layer chicken cages and H type layer chicken cage cages.

Chicken layer cages price characteristics:

A type layer chicken cages: It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high selectivity of automation equipment, low input cost, quick profit, etc. We can supply non-automation, semi-automation, low configuration automation, high Configure the cage for automation equipment according to different requirements of customers.

Automated A type layer chicken cage
H-type layer chicken cages: It has many features, such as: high automation and high density, effectively improve the usage rate of house and land, reduce the feeding cost, and effectively improve the labor productivity. The chicken house can be unattended and can complete separation between man and chicken, avoid disease transmission. It is the best choice for adopting an intensive, highly profitable rearing management model. It is the development trend of large-scale and modern layer chicken production.
So clean H type layer chicken cage

Use automated chicken layer cages for sale can greatly improve the environment for the chicken feeding, aquaculture environment improved,laying chickens will not always get sick, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the use of drugs. And the establishment of automated chicken layer cages forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the control of chicken farm environment. In addition, the automated chicken layer cages are more economical to feed, fuel and other poultry farming resources.

Therefore, we need to reasonably purchase the automated chicken layer cages price, so that the farm can have a comfortable environment for the healthy growth of layer chicken and bring benefits to the farmers.