Fully automated poultry farming equipment introduction

Fully automated chicken raising equipment, to be accurate, is divided into two kinds, one is the ladder automation equipment, the other is the cascade automation equipment. Now has a 80% – 90% of chicken farmers are using step-wise cages, and most of the chicken did not use automation equipment, and are all rely on manual operation, but each chicken farmers also have seen ladder automation equipment, some ladder automation equipment technology, the design is unreasonable, not up to the standard of the automation, so, today I will not to introduce the step of automatic poultry equipment, introduces the cascading automation.

automatic poultry farming equipment

Cascading automation equipment, as its name implies, is a layer-by-layer combination of layers that require highly accurate automation equipment to complete the entire chickens’ process and require more advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the durability of the cage. Currently, There are three types of cages on the market that are available to farmer.
The first is cold galvanizing. Cold galvanizing, also called galvanized, zinc coating thin, 2-3 years rusting, 6-7 years of life, do common artificial breeding cage is still careless, but the automatic equipment cage is not to be considered.
The second type is hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanized, also called hot dip zinc, zinc coating thick, not easy to rust, high durability, with 15 years to 20 years.
The third is electrostatic spraying. Also called static plastic, is made by high voltage electrostatic powder coating the gravity of the adsorption to the basket, will be in the middle of the chicken coops and coating to form a kind of high corrosion resistance of phosphating film, coating is fixed on the surface coop is not easy to fall off, bending will not fall off even casual 360 degrees, under the action of strong acid, also won’t corrode, durable, with 15-20 years.
Due to the adsorption of high voltage electrostatic, the surface is smooth and beautiful without the appearance of burr. Because the surface is smooth, so can make high-quality brand egg, make the egg value is higher, make the brand value of the chicken field also rise. So the electrostatic spraying of the chicken coop is the best material for lamination automation.
Poultry cascade farming, the number of layers can be selected, up to 10 layers, the unit space is very high density, the breeding output is large, can realize the benefit reasonable multiplication. Automatic feeding, drinking water, saving manpower, raising labor productivity, improving egg material ratio. Automatic collecting egg, reduce labor cost, high efficiency and stability. Conveyor type automatic excretion, dry sanitation, save labor, can clean the manure many times a day, greatly reduce the respiratory disease of the chicken. Poultry farming cascading farming reducing the flow of staff in the chicken coop, is conducive to the prevention and control of chicken disease.
Now we already know how to choose the full automatic chicken cage equipment, the equipment is the key to build a fully automated chicken farm, can effectively save manpower resources, create more wealth.
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