Farmers using layer cages in Ghana

There are many farmers who use layer cages in Ghana. Because a lot of knowledge is not clear at the beginning of raising chickens. Using chicken cages to raise chickens can reduce some costs. Improve chicken raising efficiency.

The reason is because the design of the layer cage provides a comfortable environment for the chickens. Make chickens play a better role in the breeding process. The main advantages of layer cage design are the front net and cage door, and the density of cage feeding. From the perspective of getting out of the way, the interests of the chicken are more reflected in these aspects.


chicken layer cages with lower price


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Livi uses a scientific cage design. Effectively reduce the fatigue of chickens in the cage and increase the egg production rate. Moreover, the design of the layer cage can reduce the chance of chicken injury. It can better protect the feathers of chickens. At the same time, the installation and control are relatively simple and easy to use. The structure is simple and the materials used are less.


However, the daily maintenance of layer cages is the basic work of equipment maintenance. Must be institutionalized and standardized. Regular maintenance of the equipment can extend the service life of the equipment. Ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. The parts, methods and standards for daily inspection, maintenance and regular inspection. The equipment should be neat, clean, firm, lubricated, anti-corrosive, and safe.


Cage-raised laying hens generally start to enter the cage at the age of 18-20 weeks, and are only eliminated from the cage until the completion of a production year at 72 weeks of age. Therefore, under the good environmental conditions of the chicken house, it is also necessary to have a reasonable structure of the chicken cage in order to enable the laying hens to exert their highest production efficiency.