Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment For Sale in South Africa

Livi automatic chicken feeding equipment for sale in South Africa is serviced for poultry farms to feeding chicken, in order to satisfied all kinds of chickens, such as layers, broilers and brooders, the chicken feeding equipment foe sale in livi machinery including automatic layer battery cages, broiler battery cages, brooder battery cages and other automatic chicken feeding equipment. Our chicken feeding equipment with many automatic system, automatic main feed line system, automatic pan feeding line system, automatic nipple drinking line system, automatic ventilation system, automatic cooling pad system, spraying and disinfection, environment control system, heater system.

Project Introduction of chicken feeding equipment in South Africa:

South Africa chicken farm set automatic chicken feeding equipment adopts chicken automatic feed line (chicken automatic feeding equipment), chicken automatic waterline (chicken automatic water supply equipment), ventilation cooling system, insulation heating system as one of the large modern automated chicken Field, each house 1,800 square meters, 6 lines +5 lines (customer requirements), a total of 8 buildings.

Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment
Client feedback

Livi machinery designers based on the data provided by the chicken from all aspects of comprehensive comparison, designed a professional for the chicken farm program in South Africa, by the livi machinery professional engineering team completed independently. The whole project is completed with 20 days, in order to monitor the quality of the project to ensure the progress of the schedule, the general manager of livi machinery personally led the construction. In 20 days time, we completed all the chicken feeding equipment, including automated drinking water system, automated chicken feeding system, ventilation cooling system, insulation heating equipment installation and commissioning.

Automatic Chicken Feeding Equipment For Sale in South Africa
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Recently, the use of chicken feeding equipment in South Africa is more and more popular. The chicken farm staff feedback, the current chicken farm is running normally, only 2 people can be completed. Our chicken feeding equipment can come true automatic ventilation, automatic temperature cooling, automatic drinking water, automatic feeding, just a person in the control room, chicken feedings becoming more easy than before.