Advantages of poultry farming automation equipment

The development of poultry farming automatic equipment, makes chicken way, great changes have taken place in poultry farming way to appear on the market now automatic poultry equipment, farmers use automatic poultry equipment for chickens can save labor cost, improve the efficiency of breeding, increase the farming income, make poultry farming work more easily.
Poultry farming automation equipment chicken cages including laying hens, broiler cage, brood cage three, most farmers are now using a battery cage, the battery cages feeding convenient save space, use battery chicken cage can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken, thus improve the economic benefit.
Poultry equipment automatic chicken breeding, there are clear and professional dung feeding equipment, so that we can timely will clean the hen-house stool out, but also to ensure the hen-house environment clean, no pollution to the chicken provide a good living environment, the use of automatic feeding system for feeding chickens by feeding can be guaranteed the uniform, which can improve the uniformity of poultry growth.
Poultry farming feeding equipment automatic feeding system for automatic equipment coop class of the feeding, feeding machine has unique structure, novel and practical, time-saving, uniform feeding, low loss, motor drive, low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering and good adjustable head of small space, convenient maintenance, so very popular with farmers like the feeding machine not only saves time, but also the liberation of human. Feeding machine is direct feeding, safety, convenience, energy saving, no noise, small chicken reaction, very convenient.
Poultry farming automatic environment control system of control technology to ensure accurate feed saving, reduce energy consumption, easy operation interface management software, a computer terminal can manage multi hen-house, comprehensive transmission of data in real time, so that poultry can grow in the appropriate temperature and humidity in all seasons, greatly reduce the chicken the mortality.
Poultry farming automation equipment, automatic manure removal equipment, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection equipment and so on, can help farmers finished inside the dung cleaning, feeding and laying eggs to pick up the work, the work is relatively heavy and use these poultry automation equipment to complete, can save farming the time and labor intensity, and can also reduce the cost of hiring manpower, increase the economic benefits of farmers later.