The advantage of poultry farming using environmental control equipment

It is well known that environmental control equipment is an indispensable key factor in poultry farming. Appropriate environmental conditions have a positive effect on the growth and development of poultry, which can promote the normal development of the genetic potential of poultry. Traditional environmental control equipment technology cannot meet the needs of poultry farming. In the area of environmental control for poultry farming, we have implemented refined automation equipment to carry out the air.
The intelligent lighting technology of poultry breeding environment control equipment is based on the combination of cold cathode fluorescent lamp and intelligent control technology. Added to this technique in aquaculture link sensing system, intelligent control system, cold cathode fluorescent lamp, such as equipment, through the light inside the poultry environment automatic monitoring and intelligent control, finally realizes the poultry farming fill light inside the science.
Environmental control equipment has a great influence on poultry, low temperature will increase the maintain of chicken first need, make chicken feed conversion ratio increases, the chicken’s ability to fight disease, winter hen-house at low temperature, in order to keep temperature and there is no guarantee the required ventilation, temperature and ventilation management imbalance, caused the winter in the hen-house ammonia concentration of the harmful gas such as increasing environmental degradation, in the hen house temperature difference is bigger, especially when the outside temperature shock, heating and ventilation without good coordination, excessive temperature fluctuations in the hen-house, when the temperature suddenly drops can cause cold stress, performance degradation in production at the same time also can cause the occurrence of respiratory diseases such as chicken group.
Poultry under high temperature by heat stress, the physiological and biochemical reaction of it by changing the reduce chicken feed intake, daily gain, feed efficiency, more serious lead to heat exhaustion, chicken large Numbers of deaths in a short time, catering industry brings great harm
Summer humidity is mainly affected by the outside air humidity and the management of water use, high humidity of the external world we can, in the summer of the relative humidity is bigger, plus the use of water cooling, tends to cause inner moisture, humidity within the house after, in turn, reduces the cooling effect of water and by water of start and stop after the humidity can reduce inner moisture winter mainly because inside the tunnel ventilation and water can’t discharge, an important function of ventilation is excessive moisture can be ruled out inner, because the cold air into the hen house were heated can hold more moisture, water will be discharge with the air, so winter ventilation to control the temperature plays a very important role” in the production of humidity in winter are more likely to be ignored, when air humidity is more than 80% when and to the hen-house and ground quicklime humidity problems.
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